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I've been playing Perisno through Steam Workshop. When I came back to the game after a few months I was unable to load the game. I've not saved my character but is it possible to import the character in some other way? I don't want to cheat my character since I heard it makes the AI starting to cheat as well, true?


Some updates to the game breaks save compatibility.
The only way I know of to sort of importing a save is to go into the character menu and do an export character. It generates a .txt file somewhere that you can import into another game. Or you can edit the file first to change your stats. Unfortunately this is the only thing it does, saving your stats. No gear, no companions, no relations.


Yes, use the Export Character button to create a character file in your Documents\Mount&Blade Warband\Characters folder.

One may edit the exported character for skills, attributes and money without the AI recognising the character as more advanced.  Don't give yourself XP, and you should be fine.  After you've edited the file, save it and use the Import button to add the changes to your new character.  Use the money you gave yourself to buy the best gear you can find, and you will soon be on your way.  :wink:

As a Dev, I have had to restart my game a hundred times to test new things, so I have learned how to speed the startup  :shifty:
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