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How to make invisible/hidden faction (like commoners)

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Malik Faris

So after succesfully making a new faction (sorta) to serve my purposes by following the creating a faction tutorial, i was wondering how i would make a faction similar to the commoners/bandits, so they dont appear on the faction list, but i can still have lords draw reinforcements from them as troops.

Malik Faris

hmm, well i did that, and it kinda worked, the faction doesnt appear as a faction, but my lords who "originally came from that faction" dont draft their troops anymore.


Master Knight
These lines set which party template is used to reinforce lords of faction 6.
      (faction_set_slot, "fac_kingdom_6",  slot_faction_culture, "fac_culture_6"),

          (faction_slot_eq, ":faction_no", slot_faction_culture, "fac_culture_6"),

          (faction_set_slot, ":faction_no",  slot_faction_reinforcements_a, "pt_kingdom_6_reinforcements_a"),
          (faction_set_slot, ":faction_no",  slot_faction_reinforcements_b, "pt_kingdom_6_reinforcements_b"),
          (faction_set_slot, ":faction_no",  slot_faction_reinforcements_c, "pt_kingdom_6_reinforcements_c"),
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