Fixing the fun part out of the Game

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Good job Taleworlds with the TDM map Nord Town.
You fixed the rooftop glitch, but at this point it was one of the funniest parts of the game,
atleast for me who likes to parkour around the map.
I haven't checked the glitches on the other two maps, i hope there still there.
But im sure you are not aware of this, because you never play your own game, but we have a strong parkour community.
So pls stop "Fixing" stuff.
Sad part, no one is reading this anyway.
Oh did they? Oh meh, that was indeed so much fun... There goes another reason to chose modded servers instead of the officials...
Agreed, I've reported players taking advantage of that. I've never done it myself while jumping on the roofs, not most of the peeps I've done it with.
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