Fix - Terrible Frame Rate in Menus and World Map

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Posting in case anyone else has the same problem.

Since recently reinstalling M&B and Warband, I've found the same problem in both. Frame rates in menus and on the world map would be fine for a brief period, but then drop to such low frame rates that the menu would fail to notice clicks sometimes. GPU/CPU load was really low, and the game was fine in combat.

It turned out to be an issue with Nvidia drivers. Updating to the latest version resolved the issue.
Thanks for the info. Rebooting computer and updating drivers already do much in most cases. Sometimes stuff gets too intricate, but it is not commonplace.


Updating the Nvidia drivers is a temporary solution that only seems to work for some (unless they finally fixed this over-one-year-long issue with their latest driver, which I doubt.) This guy has the best and most permanent fix for this issue that I've found thus far

This one byte change in warband.exe completely fixes the flickering cursor issue and the associated FPS loss issue on in-game screens where the in-game cursor is present (e.g. world map, menu, inventory screen, character screen, party management screen, battle command screen, etc.)
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