INT Duel Completed Fist: Fistfighting Tournament Announcement (wip)

1. When should the tournament take place? 2. No running rule for fist fights ( caps lock?)

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Ikea Knight

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Okay I know I am rather late with this but I had problems scheduling next weekend :grin:

Anyway the vote is up until the weekend. Let's see if we can find a date that suits all of us.

For my 2nd question: I have been approached by people that would rather make the fist-fights walkmode / capslock only to avaod a drawn out fight.
So please give me your votes :wink: and sorry again for the late poll.

Ikea Knight

Master Knight
So we have 3 people for tomorrowe and three for next week that's not enough :grin:

I guess I have tp fix a new date. So the tourney will adjourned a little bit.


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Many people applied, few voted. I think Ikea you should just schedule a date or two (after people's comments) and go from there. The dates could be in the same week, 1 day after another.

I could actually make it almost any day, just would be hard to keep playing for hours if it gets stretched out, because i have free only like 1.5-2 hours between arround 3-5 pm CEST, and then arround an hour from 11-00 pm CEST.

This would be the first organized fistfighting tournament in a Mount & Blade game (since we only now have directional unarmed blocking), so it's expected to be a bit experimental and chaotic.
Let's get pass any obstacles and make it into a tradition :party:
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