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DEVELOPERS! a few of my advices for make single player more fun

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I will try to say this briefly, but clearly. I know the developers are trying to add more content and fix the content they have created, but I think that's what really needs to be added at the next update:
1) You need more NPCs, except for the lords, whom you can kill for more money and equipment (for example, you should add more enemy clans to the map, which will be strong and will have good loot and equipment, but they must be really strong to kill to make it more interesting to play, it will be like a mini boss raid with good loot. I think this will make the game more exciting, because every time it becomes really boring to kill lords, lords, you need more unique units to make the game more intersting.
2) I suggest adding, firstly, More money after capturing the king of any faction when you release him from captivity, secondly, when you have won the battle with the king, you can talk to him and he will offer to make him free for one of the random unique items (for example, the best horse, a sword, an axe, or something like that. ) because it's not good when a defeated king = a defeated lord, it's really sad. When I first time killed the king of a Faction, I was very, very sad when I got the usual loot like in a normal fight, and it looks very bad when the king of a faction costs in game like any lord from another faction.Common,guys, this is the ****ing king of the faction, and after the fight I got the loot from the fight, about equal to 50 robbers, a really sad thing.
3) Please add interesting quests for the lords, which gives more gold and relationships with them, the relationship with the lords to achieve is very tedious and long and not interesting.
4) in general, more content is needed, more people liked the Prophecy of Pendor mod from M&B, because every time it was interesting to play, when every time you see unique units with a unique loot and it looks unusual and sounds unusual, I know that this is not a fantasy mod, this is vanilla bannerlord without magic and zombies) but I think you can think of something to add to the game to make it more interesting. And then really the game at the middle stage of the game is a bit routine because of the small variations of actions and content , I hope this review will be useful for you and u will hear me and another players.
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