Crusader Kings 2

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Everything was going fine until I realized that playing as Bosmer you really need to keep up with generations ahead. Started as Southpoint, managed to create Kingdom of Valenwood, found some holding in both Alinor and Elsweyr, even managed to push back Cyrodiil which just kept pumping out stacks size of my whole army with that silly Confederacy of theirs... and then succession went to auntie's line only to go to last living, eligible dynasty member.

Cue the orphan, trained to become Mage, cause at this point I thought I may as well try it (hadn't before), who promptly became a warlord upon death of her adoptive mother, conquered Alinor, torn Elsweyr out of Cyrodiil, became an Empress, decided Imperial Isle is only suitable place to sit at, so conquered that as well and then subjugated Argonia. Greatest achievement? Sitting on top of White-Gold as an old, immortal, legendary mage she managed to conceive a daughter despite her fertility being supposedly in ridiculously negative area.
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