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Here, everything and everyone can be found, that helped us, the Perisno Team
and you, the players with his/her contributions...

The Perisno Team says "Thank You!"



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Our Music:

A significant part of our music we use with friendly
support and permission of...
                                            (Copyright by Hartwigmedia. All rights reserved)

Their brilliant tracks can be found here:
Author:Hartwigmedia (Musik von
Link to song:

Name: calm_night_2
Author:Hartwigmedia (Musik von
Link to song:

Name: defeated_by_neutral
Author:Hartwigmedia (Musik von
Link to song:

Name: defeated_by_neutral_3
Author:Hartwigmedia (Musik von
Link to song:

Name: encounter_hostile_nords
Author:Hartwigmedia (Musik von
Link to song:

Name: fight_1
Author:Hartwigmedia (Musik von
Link to song:

Name: lords_hall_nord
Author:Hartwigmedia (Musik von
Link to song:

Name: lords_hall_rhodok
Author:Hartwigmedia (Musik von
Link to song:

Name: lords_hall_swadian
Author:Hartwigmedia (Musik von
Link to song:

Name: mounted_snow_terrain_calm
Author:Hartwigmedia (Musik von
Link to song:

Name: town_khergit
Author:Hartwigmedia (Musik von
Link to song:

Name: travel_neutral
Author:Hartwigmedia (Musik von
Link to song:

Name: travel_nord
Author:Hartwigmedia (Musik von
Link to song:

Name: uncertain_homestead
Author:Hartwigmedia (Musik von
Link to song:

Name: victorious_neutral_2
Author:Hartwigmedia (Musik von
Link to song:

Other music credits:
Name: "Strength of a Thousand Men"
by Two Steps from Hell

Name: ambushed_by_vaegir
"The Thunderstorm"
by Karstenholymoly
uses samples from:
2013 - Licensed under Creative CommonsAttribution Noncommercial (3.0)
Link to Song:

Name: breath_of_live
Author:Freie Filmmusik by Cayzland Studio
Link to author:
Link to Song:

Name: defeated_by_neutral_2
Author:Valkyrend Varieté
Title:Karjala (Carelia)
Link to song:
Link to author:[email protected]

Name: fight_while_mounted_1
"Future Gladiator" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Link to Song:

Name: lords_hall_vaegir
Grundsätzlich sind alle Stücke unter der Creative Commons Vereinbarung
( lizenziert.
Author:Music by Sebastian Schell
Link to author:

Name: travel_khergit
Musik von: Lino Rise
Musikstück: “What does the fox say Cover”

Name: tavern_2
"In Jedem Vollen Becher Wein"
by Silberfalke und die "Cherusker Hofnarren"

Name: mount_and_blade_title_screen
Epic Medieval Music - Mythic Legends (Remake)
by Peter Crowley


Sergeant Knight
Other Features:

Dunde -Dynamic Troop Trees OSP
neil_v -Blood enhancement tweak 0.5 OSP
Openshaw -Expanded Horizons 1.1 OSP
Lumos -Forts OSP
Some Scenes from UtrehdsCastle Pack OSP
MartinF -Duel kit OSP
Taragoth -Freelancer OSP
Arch3r -Bridge Battles OSP
Corprus -Female Faces OSP
Iboltax -Male Faces OSP


Sergeant Knight
Scene Props/Scene:

Johao -Tavern & Street Prop Set
Jaakko -Roman Era Buildings/new rome 1.1 & Monastery
FantasyWarrior -Terrain Border Props
The Bowman -The town of Akkerman
Adorno - Fantasy Scene Properties
dxaero - OSP Castle Scenes
Luki - OSP Scene


Sergeant Knight
Other Contributions:

Windyplains (Helping us set up Dynamic troop trees, Modmerger, and lots of other things&bug-fixes)
Adorno (Historic Castles Project & Arena Overall Mod)
Idibil (clerics and random events)

For a list of former devs. go here here


Sergeant Knight
Codes and Quests:
Brytenwalda Mod (A quest template)
Albertus Magnus (Filpping coins with tavernkeepers) OSP
Caba`drin (Custom Player Party Name) (Village Raids & Sieges-Allow Player Party Actions) (Bodyguards/Escorts in Town/Villages) OSP
FantasyWarrior (Drinking Game) OSP
Lav (Trade Goods Mod) OSP
Glabrezu (Manhunter: attack or sell/ Selling at taverns Code) OSP
rubik (Gambling System) & (Bandit Gathering Under NPC) OSP
Zephilinox & MadVader New & Improved Deathcam OSP
Motomataru (Improved AI) OSP
Zaitenko (reinforcement script)



Sergeant Knight

Note- Items marked with special permission are NOT to be used without the original authors consent.
Wanderer949 and Njunja (Plated Chargers) OSP
Lucas_the_Benevolent (Items Packs) OSP
Wanderer949 (OSP Horses) OSP
Xenoargh (original camel mesh; OSP Armor Items; Horses) OSP
Njunja (eastern_1.5) OSP
Akosmo (Warhorses; armors; bows) OSP
Narf (Rus_armour_pack) OSP
zagibu (heraldic armors) OSP
shutbruck (new crosshair) OSP
Alex Dragon 's ROTK Team; William Berne's OSP elephant based model (Elephant)
Rigadoon, Barabas, Deras (Gray Elephant Model) OSP
Nema (Guardians party items) Special Permission
Andragorn (swords) OSP
Baraban (Armor) OSP
Runico (Itmes) OSP
DtheHun (Surrealarms) OSP
Bloc (Northerner Horses) OSP
Narf and Abhuva (Plate and Trasitional Armour Pack) OSP
Subotai (Female Mini-Mod Armor)
Addonay (Elf Items) OSP
yamabusi (Highlander) OSP
igorbb (Items) OSP
Nertea (scale texture)
Pino (Armors Pack - Volume 2) OSP
dejawolf (medievalhelmets, viking equipment) OSP
rathos (Helmets, armor, weapons) OSP
Kovas (Teutonic and Lithuanian items) OSP
Sibylla (Helmets) OSP
wei_xiadi (Items) OSP
youhou (Items) OSP
ThrottleKitty (TESNexus) – Models Ren (TESNexus) – Models RoseSim – Models Jaymosuke- Uvmapping the models and making import versions (Hair-pack) OSP
Triple Ballista (oolonglgx, The Tripartition) Special Permission
Dragon Model (oolonglgx, The Tripartition) Special Permission
docm30 (lotrweapons) OSP
Septa Scarabae (Great Helms) OSP
Harry_ (Wooden Items) OSP
Taro8 (Gondor Items) OSP
Frell (kazakh_armor) OSP
dia151 (Mongol Stuff) OSP
maw (Horses) OSP
IL_Scippio (Mount&Gladius Stuff)
Spak's items (Spak) OSP
drakharios a.k.a. drakharoch a.k.a. dariel (Shields) OSP
SacredStoneHead (Nord Armor Pack & samurai armour set) OSP
bluewolf123 (Bows) OSP
poiuytrewq (Black Fantasy Armor Set) OSP
zy900610, sddkle, qt911025, wingman (cold-blooded cavalry Nightmare)
The Specialist (Lord of the Fan Items) OSP
tianzhao (Full Fur Armor)
Keedo420 (bounty quests) OSP
barf (New Female Faces) OSP
Kririll (Wolf-Mounts) Special Permission
claymore833 (Swords) OSP
Nexxon (TES4 Weapons) OSP
serega (Armor)
Shcherbyna (Japan Map Icons)  OSP
corprus - female armor & shaders OSP
Daedalus / Slawomir of Aaarrghh - Map Icons OSP
Sauron_mate - Black Knight and Bronze Knight Armour Pack OSP
Mackie - weapons OSP
Lav - map icons OSP
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