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So, I was trying my hand at creating some very simplistic troops to be "unique" to my personal taste, but I ran into a huge awkwardness:
I created a "recruit unit" which leads to the "new branch" of my personal troops, using as an added unit from some teutonic units with morghs tool. It totaled 7 units, essentially this:

                              Light Inf
              Footman< Heavy Inf
              Auxilia < Spearman

HOWEVER, when I looked them up in game (I added the recruit as upgrade to most euro low-lvl units), they wore gray Surcoats over mails and some "generic" mail helmets. In the party menu many units were really messed up, some other units vanilla units had my units' items; their armor was all wrong.
I then added more test units to fill the troop.txt up with other 10, and ingame the Party Menu showed the units perfectly fine, but when I tested them on the field, it was ludicrous:
All their weapons, shields and boots were apparently right (what I chose) but they all wore Surcoats over mail and  generic  coifs and round helmets (like aragonese, but metal-gray).

I am trying to come up with further testing, but not much avail. Any ideas?

EDIT: BY THE DAMN GODS, I Might just be simply dense... Forgot to deactivate "Troop Rebalance". Hope this doesn't screw vanilla units too much.
What is it exactly that troop rebalance does? I read up on it but -- and I'm embarrassed to admit this -- it didn't click.

I'm having an entirely different problem with this. I tried using Morgh's to tweak a couple of the items, and discovered that Windows 7's file permissions prevent it from altering the actual files. There's no warning given, Morgh's looks like it's working... but then the text files aren't changed at all. Pain in the rear.  I ended up tweaking them directly via the text files instead. I tried altering the security permissions in Windows, but nada.

I suppose I'll have to log on as admin instead and see if that does the trick. Bloody over-played security.


Yes, most likely the admin permission is required, and you should try running morghs with admin access (right-click and select "Run as admin..." and it may work fine.

The troop rebalancing does this: when you load up the game, the mod modifies troop items to fit their rank/skills and culture, supposedly, if you create an arabian 25lvl trop, the scripts will change the likeliness of this troop getting 25-lvl arabian items. So it does this to all in-game troops.

That's why it went wrong for me, my troops ranged from 24-33 lvl, so they got high-tier european armor (surcoat over mail) and good helmets.

I personally think it's a nice touch and does a good job at balancing, but it takes much away from the units uniqueness. (All level 20 euro units will likely get the same items, so no matter if you get troops from ireland, norway and spain, they will all look quite alike).

I will leave this post as is for future reference should anyone run into the same problem as me.
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