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Well. Combat does not seem well in general. However, i like the dodge/throwing (any) weapons/kick types/burning the arrow etc.

Game will be probably fun, but that combat system is just like a horse in Bannerlord that turns while running..
I reckon the combat looks awesome. Looks like there's a lot of options at your disposal, especially a fan of the tackling, jabs and kicks. The hits seem really meaty too.

I just hope the battles are large enough to feel truly epic, and that the mod support is versatile enough to allow for more modes than just basic TDM and Sieges.
Graphics and the battlefields look amazing, combat and gameplay looks fun and robust (no spin to win!), being able to throw stuff and dismember opponents really adds up.
Maybe TW could learn a thing or two from this game...
Combat looks ugly as sin. Why the hell do all these melee games suffer from mecha turret leg syndrome? There's gotta be a way to have proper footwork and movement without going with turret legs right? Or am I just throwing wishes into the wind?
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I've played a bit of it and it's okay very repetitive after a bit and the combat system is very basic, good game to play if you don't want to sweat
Bumping this thread because unlike Bannerlord's multiplayer, Chivalry 2 is a proper medieval game rather than just being a 2009 tactical shooter poorly dressed up as one.

I think this image is relevant.
Bumping this thread because if Taleworlds DOES end up shutting down Bannerlord multiplayer at the request of the Steam Community Hub and their respective forum moderators, I wonder if TaleWorlds would be open to working with Torn Banner and Tripwire Interactive about doing a Bannerlord/Chivalry 2 bundle. Suppose if it comes down to this, suppose there could be some rewards for people who stuck around with BL MP for so long:

Regular crossover bonuses:

Battanian Cloth Hood for all Archers and Vanguards
Imperial Plumed Helmet for Agathian Knight
Aserai Heavy Ring Mail for Tenosian Knight
Khuzait Plumed Lamellar Helmet for Mason Vanguard

Bannerlord MP veteran bonuses:

Pilgrim Hood for all Archers and Vanguards
Imperial Goggled Helmet and Cataphract Lamellar Armor for Agathian Knight
Khuzait Battle Mask for Mason Vanguard
Vlandian Crowned Helmet available for both Agatha and Mason Knights
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I've gotten about 25 hours in so far. It's wildly enjoyable. The blocking is much easier than bannerlord but there is a lot of depth to be found in combining all the features (feints, riposte, counters, dragging, even crouching is helpful I've found, and of course footwork is everything) together to really master your opponents. The weapons are absolutely incredible. They feel so diverse and weighty. Running up on some fool swinging a battle axe over your head is exhilarating. Cleaving through a whole group of guys that thought they had me is one of the most satisfying things I've pulled off in a video game probably ever! I may regret saying so but I feel a fool for sticking with Taleworlds and being skeptical of other medieval combat games for so long. Bannerlord Multiplayer is looking so rickety and just plain old to me right now and I doubt that will change honestly. I haven't enjoyed a game as much in many years.
Yeahno, I think we do need Bannerlord's multiplayer shut down in its entirely, and have Chiv2 replace it on an official level. See above suggestion on how a crossover could be done between Torn Banner's game and Taleworlds'
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