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Step 0: start with at least 25 charm
Step 1: attack alleys repeatedly until you have 100 one-handed
Step 2: win tournaments for 9 renown each. get your first clan tier in ~5 days
Step 3: make a party of 8 elite troops
Step 4: join a kingdom as a merc, kill villagers and millitia without getting disorganized, next clan level in ~10 days
Step 5: become vassal, have companions lead parties in your army but keep 8 elites yourself still no disorganized after battle
Step 6: grind 175 charm by getting influence for village militia and lords and voting in proposals, now losing votes no longer costs influence
Step 7: get at least +20 relations with all clans by voting
Step 8: get debasement of currency and citizenship laws, now the kingdom can't hold anything of different cultures
Step 9: leave kingdom, the +20 relations means nobody will be pissed with you
Step 10: repeat for every kingdom you want to limit the expansion of
Step 11: form your own kingdom and conquer whatever you want, nobody will be large enough to stop you

Does anyone know if these are cheesy exploits, or intentional design?
Also, please let me know if you have more cheese to add to this strategy.
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