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Character Import/Export (Fisheye)

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1. Start M&B and restore a game with your desired existing character.
2. (if you are in non-realistic mode - "can quit without saving"): Sell all your worldly possessions including that armour on your back - you can't take them with you, but you can bring along the cold hard cash. Better yet, get a merchant quest to deliver X units of spice, and sell that.
3. Press C to go to the character stats screen:

4. Click on Statistics.
5. Click on Export character.
6. Exit M&B (don't save if you sold everything you own!).
7. Restart M&B in the mod of your choice.
8. Make a new character with the same name as your exported character.
9. Press C to go to the character stats screen:
10. Click on Statistics.
11. Click on Import character.
12. You're done! At this point you should go shopping for some equipment.


* At this point you may also wish to rename your character to something more in-theme with the mod - just click on the name in the character screen, press backspace to delete, and type in your desired name.

* Enabling cheats and pressing CTRL-X at the inventory screen gives you 1000 denars, which may help you rebuild your inventory.

* Enabling cheats and pressing CTRL-X after selecting a party troop on the Party screen gives that troop 1000 experience, which may help you rebuild your army.

* Disable cheats after making your adjustments for maximum fun.
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