Chambers should be re-evaluated

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Edit: Chambers should be the next focus to improve the game, at least increase the stun it makes or make the window of frames bigger so it's possible. They can't just be left with no improvement TaleWorlds they were a big part of a important mechanic in Warband and they feel useless in Bannerlord. If there is anyway to make it unblockable in certain angles or increase the stun it produces on the enemy then please do so.
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I definitely agree with nerfing the overhead speed. And it is 100% true that chambers need to be much easier to create more in depth infantry and duel gameplay.

The overhead is a solution for pretty much 99% of situations. Not allowing players to create any kind of counter to it, as it has great range and good speed, only slightly worse than right swing in range, but unlike right swing it is impossible to outplay via footwork, as long as the aim of the player is good.
High level infantry players who are very accurate with their overheads are nearly impossible to spam or outrange unless they make some kind of mistake, which is the problem, you really can't bait them into mistakes as you consistently can't read if they will miss their overhead. While on left or right swing, with those swings i can see in certain situations that a mistake has been made and then i can spam or outrange the attack.
While you're at it, increase the modifier for the piecing weapon modifier against the head/neck again. This is an important asset to infantry gameplay and adds a real depth to the gameplay that Warband is simply overshadowed by.
Pretty plebian take considering your actual mechanical skill level.
Asking to slow overheads by 30-40% is akin to asking for an engine lock of 15 fps for a cinematic feel.
Problem is side-swings are neutered due to how far back the preparation animation reaches.
I presume this was done to save the casuals from the good ol' reliable side spamming double hits.
However it just increased the skill-ceiling for side-spams not rebuke it, you can still side-spam casuals and its harder for them to learn it themselves.
There is no need for a weapon to reach as far as it does atm, we are not trying to scratch our backs.
Upper swings the only reliable tool 1h infantry has atm, class might as well be deleted if we are neutering upper swings too.

tl, dr:
Up-swing isnt too strong, its fine, side-swings are too weak.
Hello fellow tryhards and Taleworlds,
This is Sarranid speaking.

I would like to make this post to address a series of issues i have faced especially in dueling so that Combat Developpers can act upon it.
As you all know, I am one of the few if not the only player who can chamber right and left swings consistently, But my post is not only about chambers today it's especially about the Overhead swing. The overhead swing is the killer of creativity and the source of all issues the Dueling scene is facing especially concerning one-handed weapons. Not only is the Overhead swing the best out-ranging tool in duels, It is also the best swing to double spam and to S-Key with without getting hit especially when you have high refresh rate and low ping. I myself have used this swing countless times and have gotten so many kills on very skilled players with little to no effort. By just holding up swing and S keying throughout the whole duel the opponent gets exhausted and eventually gets killed if he does not proceed to do the same goofy overhead spamming. The overhead swing coupled with mastered blocking skills makes the whole game of dueling a piece of cake and it puts no need on the player to do complex feints or any other swing if he is focused solely on winning a FT7 for example. Now there is no issue with spamming overheads all the time in Warband for what reason? Well you guessed it already (Warband Vets) The Up swing in Warband was nowhere near fast nor did it have the same range as it did but due to stances in Bannerlord it now has twice as much range especially with the long overhead stance. Now what i am asking from Combat Developpers before they release the next patch is to please nerf the Overhead Swing speed to give more meaning to using the other swings that is the only way to fix this issue of Up Swing Trauma. Please nerf the speed to the point where it is at least 30-40% slower than it is now. Regardless, Concerning Chambers, It is impossible to do them consistently due to the physics mechanics and the only way to pull them off is to Physically collide your sword with the opponent's sword and that takes a lot of effort to do so if there is anyway to increase the hitbox of it please do that so that players with lower refresh rates and higher pings can pull them off. If not then at least implement the mechanic of chambering stabs with overheads like in Warband.
Good guy Sarranid thinking about us higher ping players
I noticed this was a big issue in groupfights also, it was by far best just to overhead spam in a 2v1, it was fast, little chance of teamhitting, and you could often get around shields somehow even easier than with side swings.

Its attack reset is very good. I wonder if the slight angle manipulation looking down allows (which isn't really there in Warband) impacts this as well.
So you want to nerf headshot damage? You want to be able to take several swings to the head?
tl, dr:
Up-swing isnt too strong, its fine, side-swings are too weak.
As a recruit, using a tier 4 weapon (picked up) powerattack, I deal on average 20-30 damage with side swings against armor. Not sure if the damage is too weak but I certainly feel the sideswings are weak in one way or another.
Edit: Chambers should be the next focus to improve the game, at least ... make the window of frames bigger so it's possible.
Fully agree with this.

Taleworlds, please make chamber blocking slightly easier, so that it becomes a viable tactic in multiplayer battles.

Chambers are not used in the multiplayer because the probability of successfully pulling off a chamber block against a skilled opponent is significantly lower than the probability of getting hit while trying to chamber against such an opponent.
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