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OSP Sci-Fi 3D Art Captain America's Shield

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You are free to use/modify this model, but writing me PM before using is welcome (to know about your project :grin:)

To install:
move files into your module folder (Resource and Textures folders)
add in module.ini => load_mod_resource = america

MS code:
 ["america", "Captain America's Shield", [("rodgers",0)], itp_merchandise|itp_type_shield, itcf_carry_round_shield,  69700 , weight(4)|hit_points(6000)|body_armor(27)|spd_rtng(61)|shield_width(40),imodbits_shield ],

TW for this game
Stan Lee for such a fantastic comics line

[Bcw]Btm_Earendil said:
Thanks for that nice piece. Now it will only be hard to find a mod into which it fits :lol:
my dream is to play warband mod about avengers :eek: so I think it can be used in some fantasy mods
If I remember correctly, one of the older versions of Full Invasion has had a Superhero faction with Batman and Co. Maybe you want to look it up^^
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