BL Coding C# : need help to load permanent transparent layer on MapScreen (MissionScreen is already working fine)

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Hi, I am new here. Currently, I'm making a C# mod to help a little local BL2 championship organisation.
I managed to add a layer on the MissionView Screen to show some usefull Information and it works great. But I can't do the same with the MapScreen because of it's layer behaviour system.
Is there a way to load a Movie without pushing a new Layer to the GameStateManager the same way I do it with the MissionView ?

Here is my working code for the MissionView :
_dataSource = new MyMissionVM(Mission);
_layer = new GauntletLayer(1);
_movie = _layer.LoadMovie("MyMissionHUD", _dataSource);

And here is my working code for adding a new layer on the MapScreen :
_layer = new GauntletLayer(1, "GauntletLayer", true);
_dataSource = new MyManagementVM(_state);
_layer.LoadMovie("MyManagement", _dataSource);
_layer.InputRestrictions.SetInputRestrictions(true, InputUsageMask.All);
_layer.IsFocusLayer = true;

But I don't want to push a new layer. I just want to either update the current MapScreen (replace it's current xml movie or whatever with a new overloaded one), or put a permanent transparent layer without pushing it into the GameStateManager.
Does anybody have an idea about how to do that, if it is possible ?
I suggest you ask in the #bl-coding channel of the Mount & Blade Modding discord where more C# coders are active.
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I finally found the solution. Just find the current MapScreen and add new layers to it.
Thank you anyway for your help =)
Is there a way to close this thread ?
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