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Bring Back Global Reduction in xEXP as Level Increases

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When the Beta originally came out there was a global reduction to your multipliers as you leveled, meaning that you started with high multipliers in everything and had to invest stats and focus points keep your multipliers high in some skills as others fell off. This created a good skill development cycle wherein the player got to try everything out and then had to choose what they wanted to specialize in.

The problem was that the balance of this function was a little off and it became extremely difficult to continue progressing at higher levels. I assume this feature was removed because of players complaining about it, but the concept was sound and without this function the game is fundamentally worse off.

Removing this feature fundamentally changed the game for the worse in 2 ways.

First, you can highly develop nearly every skill, so you never specialize. It isn’t a matter of what you will be good at, merely what you will be good at FIRST. A cornerstone of sandbox games is replay ability, and this change robs the game of that significantly.

Second, you can now earn so many more focus points/stat points than you need that developing a skill is no longer tied to actually performing that action. That is a big, functional change to the game.

Here is what I mean, you can go do any skill - for example a non-combat skill like trading - and earn a surplus of points that I put into a combat skill - for example 1 handed. I then go kill some looters and rapidly have a high 1H skill.

The problem is - I now have two high skills, but one of them isn’t BECAUSE I actually DID that action.

Please bring his back into the game in some form.

I think it would be better to do it by in-game age instead of level.

Another idea would be to put a higher floor on all skills before the reduction applies, say to ~50 or so, so that basic skills in al things can be developed
A cornerstone of sandbox games is replay ability
what you talk about is (grinding + farming) * number of roles you want to play.
I call it a smashing of balls.

Do you want to be an archer?
use the bow.
Do you want to be a blacksmith? crafta
Do you want to be a caravan driver? buy stuff and sell stuff
Want to be the two-handed sword guy? use the two-handed sword
do you want to go to sword and shield? go to sword and shield

As you can see, you can take on the roles you want without statistics deciding who you are.
If one repents after putting in 2 points that he has earned after 40 hours of play, must he do it all over again?
no thank you.

Replayability means the game is so good you never stop playing it.
Not putting the numbers 30 times to do the same grinds and farms.
This is just madness, not replayability.


The problem is - I now have two high skills, but one of them isn’t BECAUSE I actually DID that action.
This seems to be the core of the suggestion but dont understand your logic.

You can have X10 in Trade - if you never trade you will get no trade XP. Having lots of focus does not give you skill unless you do actions that give base experience.

The change did the game much more flexible. you can build a good charachter. Before you needed to specify on 2-3 attribute-groups, greatly limiting the variation of your builds and background builds in order to be able to create a nice end-game character.

some skills you can't avoid getting XP. Like rougery, tacktics, riding/athletics etc. with the old system, getting "unwanted" points ruined your build. When improving your charachter is a burden, the system is wrong.

With the old system, you were nearly maxed out after 10 in game years. Now when you start the game as a young person, withthe old system, you would have reached 95-99% of your potential at level 23-25. At age ~30. A MC is likely to be 70 years old at least. that´s 40 years without charachter-progress.

No. Better to have characters with too good skills than a dead charachter development for 70% of MC life.

But, back then... I were against this option, setting it free. I was for a system where only high skills counted towards the level malus. What was considered a high skill moved up with each level. only improvement of high skills were penalized. I had this discussion with @darksoulshin here
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