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Alene said:
It's a quarterstaff. I call it and some other polearms "spamsticks", they're really good fpr spamming.

You can swing between spamstick swings, but the window is a lot smaller than against "normal" weapons. It means that you need to have a better position than your opponent for you to hit first.

Someone better (or worse) in dueling than me may have different opinion about this though.

Thanks a lot for the answer. That's the only weapon that I am helpless against. Reapy's infantry primer video says after once you block an opponent, opponent can't deal another attack before you but quarterstaves don't seem to listen to this rule :grin:

Anyway, I will try my best as that's the best I can do it seems. Thanks again.


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Yeah I guess that really isn't a rule more so than it seemed to be the case to me. If something's stats are fast enough or you are stunned enough you can't swing back. I know the quarterstaff was moded in on some servers and very spammy and had some stun on it to boot. I haven't played in a long while but those weapons you might have to block twice in a row in some cases like alene said if you took some stun, or are in a bad position, or were a bit slow in counter attacking.


Hi, is the a demo of Warband in Taleworlds' site? I tried the demo from stem but it doesn't work.


Can someone help ?? Why my companion get only 15=30 wariors , when i gave them castle ?? And in Castle they put 10=15 fighters to defend ... :sad: , so npc take back easy .. :sad:
JukaTorul said:
Can someone help ?? Why my companion get only 15=30 wariors , when i gave them castle ?? And in Castle they put 10=15 fighters to defend ... :sad: , so npc take back easy .. :sad:
Maybe your NPC is low leveled and has too low leadership skill?


So i restart game and put all the point's in leadership to all my companions . Then "i'll be back" :smile: . Thxxx !
Best guide train in the arena until you can beat all many
Level up until you have 10 strength
Level up until you have 10 agility
Boost your character combat after this hunt bandits, if you did the proper training they will be honey for you, excepting pirates.
Recruit a small party, win tournaments with bets, and buy a armor and weaponry
Start doing your desires in calradia


So there's a peculiar situation that arose in my gameplay. I thought I'd try something different every once in a while and supported a claimant (lady of Suno). The moment I did, 3 warring factions with Swadia made peace within 2 days, which is bad enough. Then all of a sudden the ridiculous king Harlaus gets super popular. EVERY SINGLE traitor heads to his kingdom either through indictment or renouncing their allegiance. Now if it's just your usual indictments, another 8-9 lords don't bother me, but this guy is getting free cities and castles all over the place. Is this a bug?

I almost forgot to mention, over 200 days of my rebellion and he hasn't had a single faction declare war on him. The dude was at 3 cities when I rebelled, but ended up with 6 due to traitors joining him from other realms.
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