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Behaviour Rules
§ 1 Maturity and Respect
§ 2 Cheating & MOSS

Tournament Rules
§ 3 Tournament Format
§ 4 Qualifiers Format
§ 5 Maint Event Format
§ 6 Scheduling
§ 7 Maps & Factions

Roster Rules
§ 8 Team Rosters
§ 9 Multiteaming

Match Rules
§ 10 Match Server
§ 11 Referees
§ 12 Gathering Players
§ 13 Player Names, Tags, and IDs
§ 14 Match Format
§ 15 Spectators
§ 16 Substitutions
§ 17 Streamers
§ 18 Tie Breaker


[anchor=tag1]» BEHAVIOUR RULES[/anchor]

[anchor=tag2]§ 1 Maturity and Respect[/anchor]

(1) Players should respect both the letter and the spirit of the rules.
(2) Players must be respectful on the BladeCast Masters subboard, servers and livestreams. Every participant is advised to refrain from using language that is obscene, foul, vulgar, insulting, abusive, libelous, slanderous, defamatory or otherwise offensive or objectionable. If someone shows a poor attitude and displays rudeness or immaturity, he or she will be punished by the tournament administration. There is a three strikes policy: the first incident will result in a warning, the second incident will bar the offender from playing in their next match, and the third incident will see the offender removed from the tournament.
(3) Any player that incites, participates in, or attempts to exploit disruption of matches, practice sessions or organisation of other teams will be barred from playing in their next match as punishment for a first offense, and removed from the tournament in the event of a second offense. Teams engaged in such actions (i.e. with 2 or more members offending together) will be ejected from the tournament.

[anchor=tag3]§ 2 Cheating & MOSS[/anchor]

(1) It is strictly prohibited to gain an advantage by using game modifications, cheats, or hacks such as texture replacers/recolors, aimbots, or autoblock. Every player that is found to have modified texture files or caught cheating in other ways will be banned from the tournament.
(2) Exceptions from § 2 I are listed in Appendix A.
(3) If a player is found to have cheated in any of these ways during a match then that player's team will forfeit the match.
(4) Individual players may be asked by the tournament administration to use MOSS. These players will be contacted personally, and will be required to use MOSS for the duration of their time in the tournament. Players who are asked & refuse to use MOSS or who are required to use it and neglect to do so will be removed from the tournament.

[anchor=tag4]» TOURNAMENT FORMAT[/anchor]

[anchor=tag5]§ 3 Tournament Format[/anchor]

(1) The BladeCast Masters are split into two parts: the qualifers and the main event. The first- and second-place winners will receive prizes, and the first-place winner will be titled Champions.
(2) The number of teams for the main event is limited to eight. Four of these will be invited by the tournament administration to directely join the main event, and the remaining four spots will be awarded to the top four teams from the qualifiers.
(3) Team Captains will be invited to discuss & vote for the teams which will be invited directly to the main event.

[anchor=tag6]§ 4 Qualifiers Format[/anchor]

(1) The qualifiers will take place between Thursday, 16th August 2018 and Wednesday, 29th August 2018.
(2) The qualifiers follow a group stage round-robin format. Teams are randomly assigned one of four groups, and the groups are separated into red and blue divisions. The divisions have separate fixtures for each round of the qualifiers. There will be five rounds per group, but each team will receive a bye for one fixture during the qualifiers (i.e. there will be 5 rounds, but each team will only play 4 matches). The winner of each group will be decided by match wins, with ties broken by round difference. If they are still tied, then the result of the match between the two teams will be used to break the tie. The top team from each group will advance to the main event, with their seed determined by their performance relative to the winners of the other groups.

[anchor=tag7]§ 5 Main Event Format[/anchor]

(1) The main event will take place between Thursday, 30th August 2018 and Sunday, 2nd September 2018.
(2) The main event will be played out in a single elemination bracket, with the invited teams taking seeds 1 through 4, and the qualified teams taking seeds 5 through 8.
(3) The single elimination bracket will be organised as follows:

  • Quarter Finals
    August 30th & 31st
    • Quarter Final A: Seed 1 versus Seed 8.
    • Quarter Final B: Seed 4 versus Seed 5.
    • Quarter Final C: Seed 2 versus Seed 7.
    • Quarter Final D: Seed 3 versus Seed 6.

  • Semi Finals
    September 1st
    • Semi Final A: Winner of Quarter Final A versus Winner of Quarter Final B.
    • Semi Final B: Winner of Quarter Final C versus Winner of Quarter Final D.

  • Grand Final
    September 2nd
    • Grand Final: Winner of Semi Final A versus Winner of Semi Final B.

[anchor=tag8]§ 6 Scheduling[/anchor]

(1) All main event matches must take place in the time frame given by the tournament administration. The tournament administration reserve themselves the right to change the schedule. Quarterfinals begin at 0:00 BST Thursday, 30th August, 2018, and are scheduled to end at 24:00 BST Friday, 31st August, 2018. The Semifinals are scheduled for Saturday 1st September, followed by the Grand Final on Sunday, 2nd September.
(2) Teams are not allowed to play main event matches before or after said day and time unless they are explicitly permitted to do so by the tournament administration.
(3) During the Qualifiers, teams are expected to play two matches per week. If a team fails to play two matches within a week (measured incrementally from the beginning date of the qualifiers) then they must provide evidence of a good-faith attempt to schedule their match. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the match. Any match that remains unplayed at the end of the qualifiers will be considered forfeit by one or both teams (depending on aforementioned attempts to schedule).

[anchor=tag9]§ 7 Maps & Factions[/anchor]

(1) For the whole of the qualifiers as well as the Quarter and Semi Finals, maps and factions will be determined in advance using a random number generator. A full list of all maps can be found in Appendix C.
(2) Maps for the Grand Final will be determined by a pick and ban event held on Saturday, 1st September 2018 after the second Semi Final. Factions will be determined in advance. The concerned teams will be notified on how to proceed.
(3) Picks and bans will be done in the following order: Team A bans, Team B bans, Team A bans, Team B bans, Team B picks, Team A picks.
(4) Should a team--for whatever reason--fail to attend the pick and ban event, the tournament administration will take their place and randomly pick and ban the maps.

[anchor=tag10]» ROSTER RULES[/anchor]

[anchor=tag11]§ 8 Team Rosters[/anchor]

(1) Every team must provide the tournament administration with a roster consisting of eight to ten players and their respective in-game IDs at least 24 hours before their first qualifying match. Teams that fail to do so are not eligible to play in the tournament and will be eliminated.
(2) Teams may make changes to their roster until their first qualifying match has been played, or midnight BST Saturday, 18th August, 2018 (whichever comes first) . After that, no roster changes are allowed. This includes player transfers and additions.
(3) Teams are permitted one emergency substitution for the duration of the tournament. This substitution may be used at any time outside of a match to add or replace one player on the team's roster. In the event of a team dropping below the minimum number of players (:cool: while the tournament is on-going, they must use their emergency roster substitution. Any team with fewer than 8 players and no remaining emergency substitution will be disqualified.
(4) Teams are not allowed to change their team name or tag once the qualifiers have begun.
(5) Teams are permitted to change their team banner one time during the qualifiers, which must be approved by an administrator.

[anchor=tag12]§ 9 Multiteaming[/anchor]

It is strictly prohibited for a player to play, or have played, for more than one team during the tournament. If a player is found to be on the roster for more than one team then that player will be ejected from the tournament. Teams that were complicit and knowingly allowed a player from another team to play for them will be disqualified.

[anchor=tag13]» MATCH RULES[/anchor]

[anchor=tag14]§ 10 Match Server[/anchor]

(1) All matches must be played on dedicated BCM servers. It is not allowed to play an official tournament match on another server, unless a tournament administrator agreed beforehand and is provided with the server logs within 1 hour after the match has ended. Teams that fail to do so will not have their match recognized by the tournament.
(2) Both teams have to agree to play on a particular server. If teams cannot agree on a server, they have to ask a referee or tournament administrator for a decision.
(3) Booking a server is not mandatory but teams are encouraged to do so. Teams who booked a server at least one hour before their match are given priority.
(4) The server must be running certain server settings that can be found in Appendix D.

[anchor=tag15]§ 11 Referees[/anchor]

Referees are available on request but are not mandatory. Requests for a referee can be made of the administration by either team’s captain.

[anchor=tag16]§ 12 Gathering Players[/anchor]

(1) Both teams have a grace period of 10 minutes after the agreed match start time to gather their players in the server. If a team fails to turn up with at least 8 players 10 minutes after the agreed match start, the other team may contact an admin and will be awarded a default win. If a team agrees to wait longer than 10 minutes for their opponent to finish gathering players, then they may wait up to 20 additional minutes (i.e. 30 minutes after the agreed time). If their opponent has still not gathered enough players, then an admin must be notified and a default win will be awarded.
(2) Teams are not obligated to wait more than 5 minutes between maps and sets and are allowed to enforce a restart after these periods of waiting.

[anchor=tag17]§ 13 Player Names, Tags, and IDs[/anchor]

(1) Players must play with the name they are signed up under in the team roster. This follows the three strike policy (warning, one-match ban, ejection).*
(2) Players must wear the team tag during official matches. This follows the three strike policy (warning, one-match ban, ejection).
(3) Players must have the same unique Player ID that is on their roster. A player caught using multiple IDs will be ejected from the tournament, and any group of players that are caught sharing an ID will all be ejected from the tournament.

[anchor=tag18]§ 14 Match Format[/anchor]

(1) Each match consists of 2 sets played on each of 2 maps, thus 4 sets in total. After the first set on each map the teams will swap spawns and factions. Each set will be won by the team that is the first to win 3 rounds. Each match will be won by the team with the higher number of rounds won at the end of the 4 sets.
(2) The team shown on the left side of the fixture is 'Team A', the map shown on the left side of the fixture is 'Map A' and the faction shown on the left side of the fixture is 'Faction A'. Team A starts on Factions A on Map A and Faction B on Map B.
(3) Matches should be played 8vs8. Teams must field 8 players before the match starts or forfeit the match. Teams are encouraged to begin each round with the same number of players. If a player has crashed, a team is allowed to start a round with 7 players. In the event that a team has fewer than 7 players at the beginning of a round, they will forfeit the remainder of the set. If they cannot find a substitute within the minimum 5 minute wait time between sets, then they will forfeit the match.
(4) Each team captain is responsible for ensuring that a screenshot is made of each set result. Unless a referee was present, captains are required to post the score of their match, provide a screenshot for each set played and notify the tournament administration on which server the match took place.

[anchor=tag19]§ 15 Spectators[/anchor]

(1) Spectators from both teams are always allowed.
(2) External spectators--that is, players that do not belong to either team--have to ask for permission from both captains to spectate the match. Should an external spectator join with the tag of either team trying to appear as one of their players, he will be suspended for one official match given he is playing in the tournament.
(3) Tournament administrators and referees do not need permission to spectate a game.
(4) Spectating the match from team member's view by joining either team is not allowed at any given point. If a player is found spectating from team member's view by joining a team, he or she will be suspended for one match.

[anchor=tag20]§ 16 Substitutions[/anchor]

(1) Substitutions are only allowed between each set, without restrictions. If a team substitutes a player during a set, then they are subject to the three strike policy (forfeit relevant sets, forfeit match, disqualification).
(2) If a player crashes in-game, a substitution can be made after the round has ended, though this is limited to one substitution per set. A player counts as crashed once he drops out of the server.

[anchor=tag21]§ 17 Streamers[/anchor]

(1) The qualifiers may be streamed by any accredited streaming channel, however the tournament administration reserve BladeCast TV as the priority channel for any match of they choose to stream. A list of accredited streamers can be found in Appendix B.
(2) The main event will be exclusively streamed by BladeCast TV. Other streaming channels are not eligible to stream.

[anchor=tag22]§ 18 Tie Breaker[/anchor]

(1) Due to the nature of the tournament, no match may end in a draw. Should a match end in a tie after the regular time, a tie breaker must be played.
(2) Tiebreakers during the main event must be played on Winterburg. Both teams will play the same faction, randomly selected beforehand by tournament staff for the current stage of the main event. The format will be a first to 3 set, with the winner of the set taking the overall victory.
(3) Tiebreakers during the qualifiers must be played on Winterburg. Format is a first to 3 set, with the winner taking the overall victory. Both teams will play the same faction, which must be faction A from map A for their fixture.

* Players can follow the guidelines posted here for determining which variations of their name are acceptable.


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[anchor=tag23]» APPENDICES[/anchor]

Appendix A - Allowed Modifications

Appendix B - Accredited Streamers

Appendix C - Maps & Factions
  • Map List
    • Closed Maps
      • Fort of Honour
      • Naval Outpost
      • San'di'boush
      • Mountain Fortress
      • Verloren

    • Open Maps
      • Field by the River
      • Frosthaven
      • Reveran Village
      • River Village
      • Castellum
  • Faction List
    • Nords
    • Rhodoks
    • Sarranid
    • Swadia
    • Veagirs

Appendix D - Server Settings
  • Combat Speed: Medium
  • Friendly Fire: 100%
  • Round Time: 180 seconds
  • Respawn Time: 8 seconds
  • Game Type: Battle
  • Gold: All set to 100%
  • Camera: Team member’s view
  • Master of the Field: Forced flag spawn at 2 minutes 20 seconds

Appendix E - MOSS
  • Website & Download
  • Usage Instructions:
    • Start MOSS with Warband selected as the game
    • Open Warband, play match
    • Closed Warband. End MOSS processing
    • Do not tamper with the ZIP folder created, this will result in corruption of file
    • Submit ZIP folder to admins


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