[BCM] 18th August 2018 Special Announcement - IMPORTANT

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Teams are allowed to play their matches (posted in their respective division threads) in any order. Teams are not required to announce when their match will take place, but are required to post their results in the appropriate division thread. It is strongly recommended that teams announce their matches beforehand in the Servers & Booking thread.

Please keep evidence of your attempts to schedule your matches. Teams which have not played 2 matches by midnight BST of Wednesday, 22nd August, 2018 will be reviewed by the administration. If a team is found to have been negligent in scheduling their matches (which is to say, their opponent made an effort to schedule a match with them but no response was given) then they risk forfeiture of the match. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis & both teams will be contacted before any decision is made. The administration is aware of the religious holiday in Turkey which begins this coming Monday.

Any matches which are not played by the end of the qualifiers will be forfeit by one or both teams, depending on attempts made to schedule.

The following will now be enforced:
  • Teams have until midnight BST of Saturday, 18th August, 2018 to finish making any additions or substitutions to their rosters. If a team has already played a match before that time, then they are not allowed to change their roster from that point.

  • Teams may not change their team name or tag for the remainder of the tournament, starting from the time of this post or their first match (whichever happened first).

  • Players may not change their name on their team's roster after their team has played a match. Once you have played under a certain name, you must use that name for the remainder of the tournament.
    A name is considered changed if it is not immediately recognizable as the same that is shown on the team roster. Adding extra text to the end of your roster name and changing the case of the letters of your name are examples of acceptable variations of your name. Changing the content of your roster name or inserting extra characters between your tag and roster name are examples of unacceptable changes. Some examples are given below:
    Roster name: IamAnExample
    Team tag: TT_

    Acceptable in-game name variations:

    If your team's tag goes on the end of your name, such as IamAnExample_TT then the same guidelines should be followed. Examples:


    Unacceptable in-game name variations:

    For teams with tags after their names:


  • Teams are allowed one team banner change during the qualifiers, but their new banner must be approved by an administrator before it is finalized. Keep it clean.

Clarified the naming guidelines for teams which have tags at the end of their player names (such as House Forrester).
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