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Bannerlord Suggestion: Villages, Forts and cities

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Seeing in game footage of Bannerlord  :shock: !, on youtube i noticed how the cities/and or villages looked and it got me thinking of a great way on how to manage these Towns/Forts and so on. so  :facepalm: Forgive me if this has been suggested already, i would look it up but i'm not sure how to type it in the search bar. so anyways. When you become a lord of a village, chances are good the king would hand you a mud heap of a village with piles of sticks for houses and a half of a dead cow. and as we all know we can* upgrade these villages with Mills and Taverns and so forth to improve them. what would be nice is that when you walk around your village you should be able to see these upgrades being constructed, and when complete be able to see or visit these upgrades. Like the Tavern for instance and buy your self a drink.

We could also use MORE upgrades for villages to sort of turn then into a pseudo Small town instead of a village. upgrades like...

-Store houses, (protects the villages goods and makes it harder to raid and gives you more time to respond to said raid)

-Taverns, improves happiness of the village people

-A small church/pagan temple, (Converts the village to one of the respective religions)

-Mill, improves prosperity every week or month

-Paving the roads (Just makes the village look nicer),

-Basic (wooden) Walls (surrounds the village with ramshackle walls made of wood making it a little bit harder to raid),

-A smith (improves prosperity of the village and makes the village prosper a tiny bit faster thanks to the tools it makes),

-A small armory (so you can station a small militia in that village to protect it from bandit raids),

If the basic walls are up you can then upgrade those to

-Fortified (stone) walls for better defense, (replaces the ramshackle wooden walls for thick stone fortifications)

-A local shop (so your village can actually make a small amount of money and you can sell your crap to them for that money. this upgrade would of course improve the prosperity and eventual wealth of said village and nearby city and or fort improving the economy slightly)

-A school (makes the populous Like you a bit more every week/month)

-Farm Field upgrades/expansion (improves the villages farm appearance for eye candy, increases food intake making the population of the village slowly expand with a few more houses and Most importantly more taxes :grin:)

-Messaging Post and Watch tower (if an enemy party targets your village you will receive notice long before they actually reach the village)

-Stable (changes the travelling peasants into a travelling horseman on the world map and makes it a bit less likely that they will be attacked on the road adds a small chance you will gain a small group of basic horseman when recruiting from said village instead of footman)

-Small Library (Like the school makes the pops like you a little more each week/month)

-Tows square improvement (makes the village square area of the village look nicer more set in and lived in ((Could also have some tangible effect))

-Torch posts (makes it easier to traverse the village at night makes it less likely for bandit ambushes when visiting your village --if thats still a thing)

Now these upgrades are just for the Villages mind, for the Forts themselves i have these...

There's the usual Tavern, Black smith, and prison Towers and all that..

-Wall Fortification upgrades (x3) (these will make it a bit harder for attacking forces to even get to your main wall let alone scale/breach it. like redundant pathways and extra gates the attacking army would have to traverse through to get you your main wall)

-More archer towers/Ballista installations (can't have to many of these)

-Reinforced walls (depending on your or your companions engineer skill this one off upgrade will improve the damage resistance of your walls from Catapult/ trebuchet fire and improve you main gates damage resistance by 5% all the way up to 85% so it would take a lot longer to break and or bash down. giving your forces more time to rebuff the enemy)

-Moats/Trenches (these upgrades would further prolong the time it takes for enemies to even get to your redundant pathways, the attacking force would have to hook the draw bridges and pull them down to get across the moat or trench or somehow take the gate house and lower the bridge that way. all while getting rained on with arrow and Ballista fire)

-Machicolations!! wall upgrade (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machicolation) (Further improves Fortress defenses allows easier firing angles for wall defenders)

-Barracks upgrades ((working title)) (keeps stationed troops moral at at least High or content level)

-Chapel/alter of Odin (a religious upgrade/conversion)

-Training field ( troops stationed in the fort slowly gain small amounts of experience over time)

-Extra farms (Feeds the troops and keeps them happy)

-Messenger post (Like the village alerts you to an incoming enemy party planning to attack the fort)

Cities would have somewhat the same Military and domestic upgrades as forts and villages..

-Improved marketplace (would increase prosperity and happiness of the city's people)

-Pave roads (would make the city streets look nicer and less run down if prosperity is low)

-Expand farms (would help in increasing the cities population thus more taxes)

-Expand Housing (makes The people happier and slightly increases population/More taxes)

-Grand Church/Temple of Odin (this upgrade depending on your player characters chosen religion, improves the rate at witch people are converted to the selected religion in the city mainly and to a lesser effect in surrounding villages/forts, seldom spawns religious units that assist in conversion of the surrounding countryside)

-Library (works like the village)

-Arena (not all cities should have arenas, you should have to build it. the higher your engineer skill affects its look and grandeur. improves city happiness and of course allows for arena matches to take place)

These are just some upgrades i thought of, what do you think?
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