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Can you feel it? Christmas is all around is! It’s time to love and share. So let us celebrate exciting times together with TaleWorlds and Snowbird Games (formerly known as Snowberry Connection) by beating each other with all kinds of swords at Christmas Duel party!

The tournament is played during two quick but intensive stages. Each one is a single series of duels held on a Friday evening. All the players who signed up come to the official servers at the appointed time!

Players who wish to participate should go here and sign up but be warned - player count is limited!

The tournament features a very special map made by captain lust. It’s designed and optimized specifically for Christmas duels. You can play on it without taking any other actions but if you’re willing to experience Enhanced Christmas Spirit please download and install this module for WFaS -

Winners can choose any game* on Steam and ask Snowbird Games’ altruistic producer Alexander Souslov to buy it for them. Don’t hesitate with your wishes. Time to fight for presents!

*any game or bundle under $50
Not open for further replies.
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