All my archers do not want to use their bow ..?

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I, was wondering if someone as encountered the same problem.

In combat i have an army based on 50% knights and 50% ranged cavalry, however most of the time my R-cavalry takes their 2 handed weapons and wait on the hill where they should use their bows and arrows. They can use the bow, cause from time to time (Really rarely) when spaming the "fire at will" order they actually do a few shots. It could be an issue with how i set my custom troops, but then i noticed that when this bug happens, not only my archer camels but also my companions and even the vaegir archers have the same behavior. It's as if each time i give an order, "Fire at will" all the army pull their bow and the following second there is an invisble order asking them to take melee weapons, and you see them pull the other weapon before they even have the chance to shot.

That's a bit crippling my game and limiting seriously all tactic right now as the only way to go is braindead swadian charge to achieve anything as i can't use archers reliably. Would say they actually work 1 fight on 4 ...
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