EU Other Completed 2v2 Tournament

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Team name: Motokomando
Roster: Volv, Grimuald
Contact Information: Volv

Team name: F2P - Forced 2 Play
Roster: Arris, Bagiiietow
Contact Information: Arris

Team name: Jackdaws
Roster: Vino, Lord Legionista
Contact Information: Lord_Legionista

Team name: D&D
Roster: Domcio the Gachi, Dany Pogromca
Contact Information: Domcio the Gachi

Team name: Nimble Ducklings
Roster: Orku, Samuś
Contact Information: Orku
Not sure if I have overlooked it, but if I play 10-6 and 9-10, is it still a draw cause it's 1-1 in total or would a draw only be something like 10-9 and 9-10 ?
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