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After 3 months of intensive combat, we are finally done with the groupfighting tourney -
Congratulations to all who lasted till the end and succeeded in playing all their matches!


Table with final results:


Let me now briefly say some word of comment about each team participating, starting from the bottom of the results list.

13)  Freikompania
Well, nothing really worth mentioning, they haven't even played any match. Seems that signing a team while not having a single guy declared to play is not a good idea xD

12) Ardeall
Petty clan formed not long before we launched the tourney, commanded by Chasseur and consisting of some well-known randomers on Deluge. They had a really good start winning some rounds against veteran Polish clans, but unfortunatelly they ragequitted and got dissolved after receiving a hard beating from the Cyclops.

11) Dobrzy Gracze
Translated from Polish "Good players" - maybe not that skilled, but one must surely be good to survive so heavy hate in our toxic and cancerous Polish Deluge community :razz: Followers of Adamek321 made their best struggling against much older clans , but eventually gave up seeing no chances in this tourney. I'm sure they'll now train, get better and better to fight another day!

10) NNNNNWSsie
With no doubts, the best Polish team who had great potential to win the tournament. They lost only to Cyclops and would have gained second place, had it not been for one of their players with nick NWSsie_Talar, who was caught using autoblock cheats... Whole team was ofc disqualified.

9) Piqueros Reales de castilla
Spanish clan quite new to The Deluge, but eager to play even against all odds. As for Spanish tactics, they used to take all pikes + some twohanders on every single match. Though not always effective, it looked really awesome! :grin:
Pity that they resigned after 8th matchup.

8 ) Deutsches Kaiserreich
Very old Deluge players, who had no tournament experience before. They just took part in few events, one could see them more often on casual days playing random battles and trollling on public servers. Imo the second best non-polish clan on Deluge, after CCS. Unfortunatelly for the last few matches I completely lost contact with their leader, HouLong, therefore they lost everything 0 to 10. But officially they did not withdraw from the tourney.

7) Jan'ushTEAM.PRO
Team consisting of Hakkapeliter clan members who were not included in official clan representation + some friends from outside. Formed 100% for fun and so did they play, even when they had only 3 players coming :smile:

6) The Masons
Veterans of Warband, who occasionally play on Deluge. They had a really good start, but later on lack of players have put an end to their ambitous plans of winning the tourney. Most of them were just too busy with their own life on weekends

5) Hakkapeliter
In one word - disappointment. Clan aspiring to prolong their title of deluge champions gave ground even to their former 'training dummies'. Seems that times have changed a lot  :wink:

4) Chorągiew Lubelska
Once  weak, now very worth adversary to all clans on Deluge. No one suspected that they would go so far in this tourney, beating Hakkapeliter and Hitmen... specially after losing 2:8 against much weaker Masons in their second match xD Everyday training sessions, while others played Dota, CS or Total Wars? Who knows, we will see in the next tournaments...

3) Hitmen
The oldest active clan on Deluge, originally formed on Native, but from few years seen here much more often. Their leader Filcefix is even one of the Deluge Devs (if you ever wondered how they are able to take those nicely looking dark blue uniforms, here's the answer). I personally thought they were going to win this tourney since they are maybe not numerous, but very skilled and familiar with deluge weaponry. It turned out that there are even bigger stars rising...

2) Gallóglaigh
Very fresh Polish clan led by Vtz, a guy with a voice of 13-years old and a mind sharper than the ones owned by 90% of adult deluge players. Consisting mostly of former members of different Polish clans who for various reasons had to leave and seek shelter in mercenary Scottish company. As you see, this idea worked really well, due to this tourney, they've become the best Polish clan in Deluge. Unfortunatelly just like Hitmen, Gallóglaigh don't have that many members. Yet.

1) Cyclops
I recruited this team for the tourney like an hour before signups closed, for the first two weeks they weren't even aware of the exact rules, but seems they've just gone full yolo :grin:
No one predicted that the newcomers known only from about 2 events are gonna bring so skilled players onto the battlefield. Veterans of Warband called to arms from many different modules by GodlikeRaya completely rekt this tourney and all proud deluge champions may no longer ignore the threat from "foreigner NW noobs"  :party:
Goog game, wish you further successes!

What next?

As I mentioned, this tourney was supposed to be only a warm-up before the bigger things to happen on Deluge. I promised, that if it goes well, we'll stat thinking about bringing back to life another season of The Deluge Clanwars League. Whether we launch it or not, it all now depends on amount of clans interested in taking part. I hope this tournament has at least slightly encouraged some of you to competitive plays in deluge and I'll be able to gather enough teams after the holdays to organize what all Deluge lovers have dreamed about for the last 3 years...

Thank you all and see you later!
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