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1° Reggimento Bersaglieri [NA/EU] Professional Marksmen. Recruiting 16+

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1° Reggimento Bersaglieri
Ictu Impetu Que Primus

A Brief History of the Bersaglieri
Italy’s Elite Light Infantry

In 1836, the Piedmontese Army (later to become the Sardinian and then the core of the Royal Italian army) adopted light infantry formations similar to the French chasseurs and Austrian jägers.

These Bersaglieri, or ”sharpshooters,” wore distinctive black uniforms with brimmed hats, trailing cock’s feathers. The formation was created by Alfonso del la Marmora.

They were trained to a high physical and marksmanship standard, and like the French chasseurs that inspired their creation, a level of independence and initiative was encouraged so they could operate in looser formations where command control was not so immediate.


Contact information

Click here for our 1stBE.enjin.com

We currently reside in the Pyrots' Gamers teamspeak:

If you are interested in contacting me, you can find me on steam By clicking here

Why create the Bersagileri?


That's a great question, and it has a simple answer!

The Bersagileri were Italy's elite light Infantry unit, They were highly mobile, fast & attacked with extreme courage & efficiancy. Even the motto "Ictu impetu que primus" translates to "The first blow of the assault".

I've watched multiple videos of the Bersagileri on you tube, and their marching songs & tattoos simply impressed the hell out of me!
Can YOU jog while playing a trumpet (Or similar instrument)?

Watch the youtube video, And you will want to be a Bersagileri too!
Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gVi4qveGFU&feature=related in case you didn't want to click :razz:



Friday Linebattle: 8:00pm EST
Tuesday Linebattle: 8:00pm EST
Sunday Linebattle: 5:00pm EST
Wednesday Siege: 9:00pm EST

*Schedule is always subject to change.
We are also open to friendly regimental line battles of 1v1 or more. (Must have a 2 week notice. if it's not during any of these trainings).

Ranking structure

Here's the list of ranks that we'll be using & their roles & available positions.

  • http://i.imgur.com/5WWtV.jpg

    Organization of the chart from left to right
    Number: Amount of people who can fill the position
    Abbreviation of the rank
    Rank in Italian & translation
    Explanation of the rank

    Ranks that are marked with (*) are only acquired by application.

    (∞) Rec = Recluta (Recruit - Rank upon joining the regiment)

    (∞) Sld = Soldato (Soldier- Received after a 2 week membership)

    (∞) Bers = Bersaglieri (Marksman - Received upon meeting the adequate performance in training & Line battles)

    (10%) BersS = Bersaglieri Scelto (Chosen Marksmen - Received upon exceeding the average performance)

    (6) Cap = Caporale (Corporal - Responsible for wheeling the line. Received upon showing exceptional . knowledge of commands & battlefield tactics.)

    (4) Serg* = Sergente (Sergeant - Responsible for ensuring that all rankers understand & can execute all . basic Commands.)

    (2) SM* = Sergente Maggiore (Staff Sergeant - Responsible for training rankers in working at platoon/Squad . level.)

    (2) PMar* = Primo Maresciallo (Command Sergeant Major - Are responsible for the training of Sergeants & . serve as advisers to their commanding officers./Lead a squad.)

    (1) STen* = sottotenente (Second Lieutenant - Platoon Commander)

    (1) Ten* = Tenente (Lieutenant - Platoon Commander/ May promote/discharge all ranks below)

    (1) Capt* = Capitano (Captain - Company commander )

  • Cjr8d.png
    Medals & Awards


    Elite gold medal of valor.
    for deeds of outstanding gallantry in war by junior officers.
    Eligibility Officers & Senior NCOs
    Awarded for Deeds of outstanding gallantry in war

    Gold medal of Valor.
    "....per bassi ufficiali e soldati che avevano fatto azioni di segnalato valore in guerra" (for deeds of outstanding gallantry in war by junior officers and soldiers).
    Eligibility NCOs only
    Awarded for Deeds of outstanding gallantry in war


    Eligibility Junior NCOs and soldiers
    Awarded for Deeds of outstanding gallantry in war


    Eligibility Junior NCOs and soldiers
    Awarded for Deeds of outstanding gallantry in war


    Eligibility Junior NCOs and Soldiers
    Awarded for Deeds of outstanding gallantry in war

    Commemorative Awards of Valor


    The gold medal is granted when an action has resulted in serious or very serious dangers of life, and for individuals that had distinguished themselves in favor of the Italian army or had completed one or more meritorious deeds and praiseworthy in the highest degree.


    The Silver medal is granted when an action has resulted in serious or very serious dangers of life, and for individuals that had distinguished themselves in favor of the Italian army or had completed one or more meritorious deeds and praiseworthy in the highest degree.


    The bronze medal is awarded for acts or enterprises of particular courage and skill, but made ​​without manifest danger of death.

    Merit Awards

    Awarded to those who had distinguished themselves with their studies and their work in favor of the Italian army. Have made ​​or acts that would enable the evolution and technique of arms d ' army (Drill). The degrees of the medal varied depending on the expertise and demonstrated the difficulty of the work.


    Croce d'oro al merito dell'eserc (Gold Cross of Merit of the Army)


    Croce d'argento al merito dell'e (Silver Cross of Merit of the Army)


    Croce di bronzo al merito dell'e (Bronze Cross of Merit of the Army)


    Croce al Merito di Guerra + Silver star
    Eligibility Members of the Italian armed forces
    Awarded for One year of service in combat operations


    Croce al merito di guerra
    if an act of valour was deemed insufficient for the Medal of Military Valour, the War Merit Cross could be awarded instead.

    Officers & NCOs


    Medaglia Mauriziana

    The medal Mauritian is a honor bestowed upon the completion of 1 year of military service (years of command are counted twice).

    Victory Awards


    (Ordine di Vittorio Veneto) Order of Vittorio Veneto

    Award: Medal + Title "Cavaliere (Knight)

    "to express the gratitude of the nation" to all Italian soldiers who had fought at least six months during the First World War , and awarded the Cross of Merit of war .

    he award was allocable to the Italian military fighters for at least six months. and has been decorated with the Cross of Merit of war or who have found themselves in the conditions of eligibility for such decoration (ie have fought for at least one whole year) 
    It is therefore worth pointing out that the award is granted for a specific act of personal value, but is given in general for the war effort.

    Recruiting Awards
    Awarded to those whom put the extra effort, and directly contribute to expanding the growth of the regiment.
    To be eligible for this reward, You must be referred to have directed someone to the application page.


    Award: Master Recruiter

    Awarded to anyone who recruits 20+ people/


    Award: Veteran Recruiter

    Awarded to anyone who recruits atleast 15 people


    Award: Novice Recruiter

    Awarded to anyone who recruits atleast 7 people.

    Battle master awards
    Awarded for claiming the highest score for every round, for an entire map during an official event.


    Award: Champion Battle master


    Award: Veteran Battle master


    Award: Battle master

    Given to individuals who achieve the highest score in a linebattle.

    Misc. Awards


    Awarded for Capturing an enemy flag and living throughout the round

    Officer Slaying/Sniping Awards
    Award given to individuals who shoot a number of officers during linebattles (All time record)


    Shoot and Kill 5 Colonels


    Shoot and Kill 10 Lt. Colonels


    Shoot and Kill 15 Majors


    Shoot and Kill 20 Captains


    Shoot and Kill 25 Lieutenants


    Shoot and Kill 30 2nd Lieutenants

    Code of Conduct


    1. Be respectful to everyone.

    2. Conduct yourself in a professional and mature manner. This means that cursing, glitching, trolling, flaming, and other forms of fighting are not allowed. This is especially important when we are in events, or on a public server.

    3. Follow Orders. It is vital for the survival of the regiment that all orders given by our Officers are followed to the letter. (You may argue after).

    4. Do not retaliate. Regardless of the situation, if something is done to you, (teamkill, insult) you are not to retaliate. Instead you need to inform an officer, or admin, and report the problem. Anyone found retaliating will be dealt with in the same manner as the original offender.

    5. Do not double regiment. (Meaning. that you are not allowed to be in any other regiment while a member of the 1° Reggimento Bersagileri) If you decide to join another regiment, just post a resignation, we will not be bothered, But do give us a visit every now and then!

    Why should I enlist??



    [list type=decimal]
    Aside from the 1° Reggimento Bersagileri being completely awesome here are the benefits:

    • 1. Enjoy your time with a friendly & well organized unit.
      2. There is leniency that a light infantry regiment can provide. You will not be treated like robots. (Absolute silence is not required)
      3. A well disciplined and self-respecting unit that gets the job done, and will always value entertainment over victory (More heroic charges!)
      4. Since this is a gaming regiment, and not a real army. The members come before the officers. In the 1° Reggimento Bersagileri the interests of our members will  always come first.
      5. Custom skins are on their way (With the brimmed hats & the uniform! Available to members only!)

How do I enlist?


To join simply visit 1stBE.enjin.com/enlist. Or click Here
If you are having trouble, please comment on the thread, or contact us (See information tab)



Thank you sirs!
Just a quick update, I've added the "Gallery" section. All media links will go there :wink:



Thank you gentlemen. The support is much appreciated!
I've been around since MM, I've been in the EPI, the Marins, Co-formed the 29th Worcestershire. and I've learned many things from all these great regiments!
(Just for those that don't know me yet :razz:)



Great line battle guys!  aside from a smashing victory on the first round, sadly cavalry is our weakness...
And I forgot to record it/Take screenshots :/

And thank you for the good luck wishes!
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