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  1. Allow Companion Emissaries to solve city/village issues based on their perks

    I like the new emissary mechanic but think that it could be expanded to make it a more important mechanic. An emissary left in a city should have a chance to complete notable quests depending on their skills and whether they are a hired companion or a family member. Hired Companions should be...
  2. Riffraff99

    What happened to Bread?

    After eating 1 year grain with fish i start to ask my self what happened to bread, was it too complex for Bannerlord?
  3. Koiashi

    SP Native <Currently Closed> Mount&BladeII:Warband Remaster (A Warband Remaster in Bannerlord)

    This single-player mod would do a simple, but very wanted action! See all of Warbands Map, NPCs, items, locations, and more added into the new, and awesome Bannerlord game! Why? Others, and I love Bannerlord, a lot! It’s a great game and has so many awesome improvements and new features, with...
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