1. five bucks

    Filling In the Gaps: a timeline of Calradia from 1000BE to 1257AE

    I decided to write down a timeline of major events in the M&B series' lore, for those few of us who are interested. In parts of the game's timeline with no events described, I've made some up based on real history, following the same formula Taleworlds does of remixing names and events from...
  2. dphilostrate

    How long did Emperor Arenicos reign?

    This is such a minor question, so I’m rather embarrassed to ask. The Devblog from February 8, 2018 states Arenicos became the Caladric emperor twenty years before the events of Bannerlord. But in the course of playing the EA, I find out that Arenicos becomes emperor after Nereztes dies at...
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