1. Efe Karacar

    B Medieval Fantasy Silmarillion - A Tolkien Project

    From the makers of Sevenheart, Necromancer and World of Noth Join the development discord! We are always looking for talent to help us with the development, too! If you want to join the team, contact us through here or discord! _________________________________________ Current Development...
  2. Eärendil Ardamírë


    Discussion thread for Tolkien-themed artwork.
  3. Eärendil Ardamírë


    Discussion thread for Lore related topics.
  4. Tolkien Modding Community @M&B

    Tolkien Modding Community @M&B

    Mae govannen, welcome at the Tolkien Modding Community! A group for fans of Tolkien's work and the adaptions of it. You can inform yourself here about the current ongoings at different Tolkien-themed modding projects for the M&B game series. I also opened up a Tolkien Modding Community discord...
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