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  1. Tweaking siege engines and settlement defences values

    Does anyone know where to tweak gate health, wall health, siege engine health, siege engine damage, etc in both the campaign map and siege battle scenarios? I could not find the xml file except for siegeengines.xml. The only tweak-able values there are the ones that affect only some aspects of...
  2. ChristopherR

    Multiplayer Sound Glitch (DISTURBING)

    So me and a few got queued up into a skirmish match which is rare in and of itself, but to our surprise we hear this. Siege. We are on East NA Skirmish and we hear catapults being launched, bombs going off, whenever we stab something it sounds like we are poking the target or shooting it with a...
  3. Bloodworth

    [6thLA] Sixth Louisiana - Recruiting Open

    Server Address:
  4. [6thLA] Sixth Louisiana

    [6thLA] Sixth Louisiana

    Server Address: Tiger used with attribution from: freepik
  5. TheBarron

    Oceania Siege Maps only playing Battania

    I have found that only one map is being played at the moment, 007_battania. Is this the case for all other servers around the world for Seige mode? I cant see what they have on the server list for other regions as my Ping In Aus is too high for them to show up.
  6. kreamy

    BATTLE CAMPAIGN 'Warpath' (GAMEMODE) WIP - Add suggestions

    Note: This is a WIP ->quote any part in suggestions and I will add it to the final version. Read the bold for main ideas, the non-bold are smaller details. My idea is under the spoiler, finally when we have many good suggestions/feedback, I will format the entire thing in a more ordered and...
  7. Resolved Cannot find a match in multiplayer in any game mode when in group.

    My 3 friends and I just waited 45 minutes and could not find a match when searching for captain, skirmish, and siege simultaneously. We tried many things (which we didn't expect to work but just did for the heck of it) such as switching up who is hosting, restarting the game, selecting only one...
  8. Choose or rotate sides on sieges

    I was playing multiplayer and found it really annoying that I was constantly thrown in sieges as the attacking side. It was like 6 matches in a row while I wanted to check out the defenders side. My suggestion would be to choose the side of the siege, either before or after match is found or...
  9. Siege defense: operating siege weapons?

    Not sure how to get my siege weapons to work when defending from castles. Could be a bug, or I could just be dumb. Do they just automatically fire with crew?
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