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  1. Need More Info A problem occured while trying to load the saved game. ironman mode

    Ive been playing ironman mode for a couple days now and when i logged on today an error message saying "A problem occured while trying to load the saved game" appeared
  2. In Progress Lost a month and half of progress for no apparent reason - save issue

    Playing on Xbox One. Had a great sandbox campaign going but decided to start another game to try out a different culture/play style. This was two days ago. Today, I go to load my first campaign and it only has one save from 10th September 2023 - so 50 days of progress gone. The newer save is...
  3. IsakMDMA

    Loading a 1.0.3 save on the latest game version 1.1.6

    Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to continue my playthrough that was originally on the version e.1.9.0, updated manually through the Steam Betas tab in chronological order up to 1.1.0, that's when I stopped since I saw this Encyclopedia issue. For some reason, dead Characters show up just...
  4. IsakMDMA

    Are e1.7.1. saves compatible with e1.8.0.

    As the title suggests, my question is if 1.7.1 saves are compatible with 1.8.0? Thank you in advance!
  5. deso1ator

    Need More Info mid campaign specific point of of time crash

    Summary: mid campaign, game crashes at spefic point of time campaign time, removed all mods and same crash happens, I used following mods before removing those mods and repoducing the crash again without mods. I want to save that game, can anything be done to save it? How to Reproduce: wait...
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