1. Enemy routs too fast 1.5.10.

    hey guys! In the new 1.5.10. beta I realised I cant play a full battle against bandits and village militia they are routing so early in the battle, they cant reach even my front line. I dont have a full army they just run away too fast even when they have a chance to win. I play on foot and it...
  2. Retreating/Routing: archers and cavalry should do it more often.

    Infantry tend to rout while archers, cavalry, and horse archers tend to fight to the death. Maybe it's time to do something about this. A typical example: It looks and feels ridiculous to see infantry try (and fail miserably) to run away while auxiliary units far away from the action, who can...
  3. DukeDunac

    Clan/Kingdom Banners should provide morale bonuses

    If your banner stays up, troops should be less likely to rout. If you are losing the battle and the banner falls, troops should be more likely to break, unless another soldier picks up the banner within a certain amount of time.
  4. Mountainhorse

    A lot of lords' army are too weak (against player's army)

    More than 2/3 of their army are always consisted of recruits, especially the ones that have lost a battle before. I know the AI now does the realistic thing and recruits from villages like the player, but I'm not really sure AI lords have passive exp training for their troops because it feels...
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