party disbanding

  1. Bug: party in "Disbanding" state would still recruit troops in a settlement

    Conditions: - a party undergoes the "Disbanding" period - while being in a settlement Result: the party would still recruit troops -- as per the overlay log displayed in small-font floaters over the city in the world map view. This isn't logical, of course.
  2. In Progress Cannot disband a party

    Summary: Disbanded parties, but it seems like they're stuck. I went there to see what's happening since it was taking so long, but all troops are in wounded status, including the party leader so it shows 0 on the map. When I talk to them they say that they're going to a castle and then they'll...
  3. XEDE

    In Progress Bug when dissolving a group

    Hello, I have a bug in a new game that I made some time ago, I started the game in 1.1. 0, I created a group with one of my vassals, and when I wanted to disarm the group the vassal remained eternally with the message "disbanding", when a group ends it indicates that it goes to the nearest...
  4. Hank_the_Tank

    Resolved Party stuck on disbanding

    Summary: My player character died of old age. I was in prison at the time. After choosing an heir, my original party began to disband, but never fully disbanded. It is stuck at 0/20 party members and "disbanding" in the party menu screen. This counts as one of the four parties my clan may have...
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