1. creepy4_0

    Need some help with crashes

    Hello, not sure if this is the palce to get some info, but im experiencing alot of crashes when basically waiting in a city doing nothig but healing. I'm new to this modding stuff and just would like to know if i have my load order correct and versioning correct. im using branch e1.8.0. If...
  2. Iorek

    Resolved Crash on Campaign Map Day ~380 NullReferenceException

    Hi there, I've run into a crash that's happening as I travel along on the campaign map. Have reloaded numerous times but keeps happening within about a day of in-game time passing. I have also disabled all the mods I have been using and reloaded to the same effect. I tried loading an older...
  3. niekdegrijze

    BL Coding help with crash custom culture (1st time modder)(Solved)

    I created a custom culture with was working fine. But was not showing enough culture recruits. After changing clan cultures en settlements cultures things where better, but now i get this crash. I thirst thought it was related to the culture of the NPC's in town, but after i changed that in the...
  4. Peanut_Brother

    Resolved Unarmed combat results in null reference exception.

    I'm writing a mod that involves a fist fight in a bar (I'm using Mission.StartCustomFight() and passing dropWeapons=true as an arg). After a few seconds into testing the fight, it crashes with a System.NullReferenceException. After doing some debugging, it looks like there might need to be an...
  5. alpdora22

    Resolved (SOLVED - Crash) Loading a save, Null Reference Exception

    EDIT: Today's hotfix (28.04.2020) fixed the problem, now I'm able to load the savefile. Thank you Devs for the quick fix! =) Game crashes when loading the save file (around 400+ days in game). This was a fresh start after 1.3.0 beta, it shouldn't be a mod issue since the same error happens to...
  6. Resolved Crash on loading a save, Null Reference Exception

    Game crashes when trying to load a save that was started after 1.3.0 beta, didn't change any of the mods that I use for the entire duration of this save, so it shouldn't be a mod issue..?
  7. Resolved Game with Mods suffers an unique crash

    Had the following crash happen when I played the game with certain mods: The mod in question was Hire patrol units. I glitched the original Army (The AI one you see) by removing the original patrol it was fighting, making it get stuck in a Battle loop. Then later on in the game my Patrol's...
  8. Kuxe

    Need More Info NullReferenceException in Taleworlds.CampaignSystem.IssueBase.CompleteIssueWithAlternativeSolution() when companion is dead - a daily gold crash

    Summary: Crashes with a NullReferenceException in the scope of Taleworlds.CampaignSystem.IssueBase.CompleteIssueWithAlternativeSolution(); the culprit of Family Feud-quest designated to solve Landlord needs access to the Mijayit commons-quest is dead. How to Reproduce: Load the save file...
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