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  1. Henricóptero

    Need More Info Smithing order "Weapon should have thrust damage"

    Summary: The smithing order shows that the weapon is required to have thrusting capabilities, but when I forge a weapon without it I still get the usual money How to Reproduce: See video Have you used cheats and if so which: None Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU...
  2. Resolved Mace thrust damage and speed

    Summary: Made a Mace on Order, everything was as required but failed because the weapon had 0 thrust speed or thrust damage, and not 92 and 15 as required. There is a comment in red above the Forge button, "Weapon should have Thrust Damage".
  3. Apocal

    Why would you give the Khan's Guard a mace? Or the Sturgian Horse Raider a lance?

    People have been asking for a second quiver since release. There was an empty slot available. They already had a completely sufficient melee weapon. The glaive is superior to the mace in almost every situation -- the only time it won't be is during a castle siege, standing in a doorway or on one...
  4. Solding the starting mace

    Hello there. You are able to sell your starting mace two times. Two times because its equiped in both Battle AND Civilian outfits at the start of the game. That sale that also earns you +6000 dinars, even in early game. Is it intendeed ? Have a nice day.
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