1. kreamy

    Kreamys Real Warfare Suggestions -> Game concepts, | Faction Goods |, Economy, Infrastructure, Recruiting & Policies

    Current as of May 1, 2020. Draft 0.1.1 (Framework laid, WIP) Recently updates/additions Please comment constructively so I can incorporate your suggestions to this list. Feel free to quote and restructure/edit a portion in a quoted spoiler-> please color your changes edits & formats, and...
  2. Pancakelord333

    Do you think the world map needs more features - like roads?

    Title. I've played bannerlord for a sold 60 hours now, and one thing has stood out to me in this time about the world map: Where are all the roads? The Empire fractured into 3 parts, how long did it exist for? (I don't think this is mentioned anywhere in game?) One thing all empires do (not...
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