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  1. Norvell9

    when will the imperial basic cavalries come?

    I can't stand it.It's unbelivable that a BIG,LARGE (though it's been divided)EMPIRE on the plain have no BASIC cavalry troops(Bucellarii is not).Wow, are you even thinking about it TW? because it's funny that Battania —— the kingdom in the forest have much more BASIC cavalry troops than empire...
  2. Empire Cavalry

    Is it just me or are Vigla/Equites hard to come by in game for almost all imperial factions. Also, AI armies for imperial factions seem to have almost 0 cavalry especially at mid-late game. Its particularly frustrating when going against the Khuzait. Maybe I'm missing something
  3. HalfMetalJacket

    Imperial Legionaries too good?

    Posted this in what was probably the wrong forum, so I'm going to make the thread here instead. Now I could be in a minority, but I reckon Imperial Legionaries are too good. The supposed pride and joy of Sturgia, their Veteran Infantry, can only go 50/50 with the same group of Legionaries. All...
  4. Parrot

    MP Modern Blood & Iron - Bringing a classic Warband NW mod to Bannerlord

    The 1870's was an exciting time period of the world; the French and Prussians went to war over German unification, the British Empire faced troubles in Africa and India, the American Civil War left the country in turmoil as she sought to push further West over Native land. The original...
  5. Hank_the_Tank

    Imperial Crossbowmen Proficiency not scaled correctly

    The Imperial Tier 4 and Tier 5 Crossbowmen do not have their Crossbow skills leveled correctly compared with their other main skills and compared to the Vlandian Crossbowmen. The Tier 2 Imperial Archer has the same problem with his Bow skill. I'm attaching several pictures displaying the problem.
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