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Empire Cavalry

Should the Empire have easier access to cavalry?

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Is it just me or are Vigla/Equites hard to come by in game for almost all imperial factions. Also, AI armies for imperial factions seem to have almost 0 cavalry especially at mid-late game. Its particularly frustrating when going against the Khuzait. Maybe I'm missing something


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Calvary is hard to come by for all factions at the start of the game. It takes me quite a while to find my first squire when I play as a Vlandian.

Now that I am level 25 with a clan level of 5 there are horsemen a plenty. In many empire villages there are several Heavy Imperial Horseman to be had. Access to cav is gated at the begging to the game and they eventually become more plentiful.
Tip: To recruit noble troop, look for "Landowner" notables with "Powerful" influence in villages. They replenish noble troops a lot.

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So I get what you guys are saying. For instance I’ve been trying to run all imperial troops. I mark villages with high influence notables as I play looking for quests early. What I run into especially later in the game is an overall lack of cavalry in my companion’s armies, and very little in the AI. When I look in those marked villages it gets the AI seem to grab them up. Idk if they’re offloading them in castles or trying to maintain a “good” ratio of troops.
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