1. chinux23

    Resolved FPS drop when tooltip is not displayed vs displayed

    Summary: FPS drops when tooltip is not displayed How to Reproduce: Move the mouse to a city and wait until tooltip shows up. After that, FPS increases to the limit 120. Without tooltip, FPS drops to 90. Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU...
  2. Resolved Graphic errors - characters become meatballs

    party screen and the battle field Meatball Image
  3. In Progress battanian warlord bracers are mess

    battanian warlord bracers are rendered incorrectly, if you send an upload link i can upload an image
  4. Aldemar

    Need More Info Graphic Issues with Foliage (Grass, Trees), Map Sky, Wall Textures.

    Hello, I stopped playing around 1.5. Got a pretty much a new system and decided to play it again. Now i noticed alot of weired stuff i didnt noticed before. Flickering of trees and grass: I know this can be pretty much normal at some point but it was never that strong. When i stand still on a...
  5. Resolved Mixed icons in singleplayer

    I have a problem with mixed icons for items and skills in my current campaign. I tried reloading my game, closing the game entirely and then loading again - didn't work. I don't want to start another campaign and while this is not game breaking it is very annoying
  6. Need More Info Visual bug - multicoloured overworld map lighting issue

    At random points in the campaign playing beta 1.5.3, the overworld view suddenly becomes shiny and technicolour. I am running 3 mods none of which affect graphics (Extended Family, Houses of Calradia, Noble Titles). I do not think any of these are the cause. If I enable screen space...
  7. Resolved Companion Icons in Tavern not matching appearance

    When going to the tavern district, the icon of who is in the tavern at the top does not match the actual hero's image in the encyclopedia or game world. Sometimes they look female, and are male in the game world, or are clean shaven, but have a beard in the game world/encyclopedia.
  8. Need More Info performance decrease after update

    Hello, I bought the game the day it was released and the game worked fine but today I have performance problems with the game. my computer supported the game in intermediate graphics performance and low if the battle was important (500 units). but following the latest updates, I can no longer...
  9. Need More Info Colour dust around players & black ground

    I see colored dust around the players and black ground I have restarted the pc updated drivers reinstalled the game changed graphics options I have tried a solution from a previous post had to be deleted: C:\ProgramData\Mount and BladeIIBannerlord\Shaders\TerrainShaders' (the file is not in...
  10. ileboii

    Resolved Banner on Norse Round Shield is upside down

    1.3.0 Norse Round Shield
  11. iazlur

    Black pixel bug

    Hi, Sometimes, in random cases, I got a seriously graphic bug. I'm in obligation to restart the game if multiplayer or loading room if singleplayer. When this bug appear, I got big black pixels, like 50px * 50px. I'm seeing only 20% of the screen and principaly seeing the skybox. I got RTX...
  12. Resolved Whole seller perk disappears on trade items after restart of game

    Summary: Whole seller perk not showing colours after load How to Reproduce: Buy items, save game, load game, perk will not be active on goods bought before load Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: 1.1.0226038 Installed community-made modifications: none...
  13. sermen

    Resolved Item "Empire Crown" has hair_cover_type= "all" when it should have "type2"

    Item Empire Crown covers all hair which looks awkard. It should have hair_cover_type="type2". I changed manually hair_cover_type= from "all" to "type2" and it works and looks perfect for both man and woman. No hair clipping at all. Thanks for your work! cheers
  14. DLSS 2.0 support ?

    Are you planning to integrate what could be a game-changer in the Videogame industry ?
  15. superniceguy

    Unresolved Character go through inside the stone stair

    Summary: If character running into the stone stair in siege map (or city map, the stone stair in front of the Hall). You can see that the character clip into the stone stair. But if he stop moving, then the character will standing on the stone stair instead of inside it. How to Reproduce: Just...
  16. superniceguy

    Resolved Watchman now become a kid

    Summary: The Watchman unit model now is a kid model. How to Reproduce: Just upgrade the unit to Watchman unit and you can see it's a kid model instead of watchman unit model Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: e.1.1.0 Computer Specs: OS: Win 10 GPU: GTX...
  17. Graphic bug

    Hi, I got this graphic bug:
  18. superniceguy

    Unresolved Floating objects in Siege battle

    How to Reproduce: Destroy the wall and everything on the castle (in World map). After that start the siege AT NIGHT by lead your men to the siege battle. When you go to the top of the wall you will see the floating light/candle. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  19. BL 2D Art Adding/Replacing Banner Symbols

    I would like to use my own banner symbol - I have tried replacing an existing on (the hollow circle) in these two locations: Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\GUI\GauntletUI\SpriteParts\ui_bannericons\500.png Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\GUI\GauntletUI\SpriteSheets\ui_bannericons\ui_bannericons_3.png...
  20. Different Performance option saved for single and multiplayer

    Hello ! It would be nice if the custom performance settings saved where different on single and multiplayer so you don't have to change them everytime or just use the presets if you want different option ( for big multiplayer battle for example). Thanks
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