1. guiskj

    BL Coding Can't make my button clickable

    I got a button in a new prefab but I must be missing something because it won't click nor call the click function. Here is the prefab <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <Prefab> <Constants /> <VisualDefinitions> </VisualDefinitions> <Window> <Widget...
  2. guiskj

    [RESOLVED] GauntletUI questions during Character Creation

    I have three questions regarding the GauntletUI in Character Creation: 1 - How are you supposed to add Layers to those screens?? I am trying to add some extra functionality to the FaceGenBody.xml window but so far no luck. Behaviour class: public class CharacterGenPresetBehavior ...
  3. samdomino

    Tutorial Coding Epic GauntletUI Tutorial (Custom Buttons and UIs)
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