1. RozBritanicus

    Execution penalties

    As stated in the title this is to discuss Execution and what should be the penalties for it. At the moment its like cheat mode as seen in lots of youtube video's a way to a easy victory over a faction and you get a minus relationship with some npc's . Should there be more to it ? . Would every...
  2. Need More Info Friendly Conversation, In Spite of the Fact I've Slain Their Countrymen

    Hello there, new fellow here. After slaughtering various Khuzaits in a show of unchivalrous behavior, I've amassed a cult following; one based entirely on blood feuds and hatred as opposed to worship. Virtually every member of the Khuzait faction hates me, with the lowest relationship modifier...
  3. Lord Irontoe

    For executions: a new metric, "Grievance", to measure the right to execute

    So it seems to me that the execution mechanic is pretty limited right now. The penalties are very harsh and seem arbitrary. What's needed is some kind of system of justification for putting someone to death. Situations where the average Calradian would look at it and think, "Well, he had it...
  4. King_Peter_Of_Swadia

    Ai lords attacking me out of blind rage

    I am playing on beta 1.2.0 Vassal of Vladia with 2 cities and a castle, 3 enemies which are lords that I besieged and voted against.(before mass execution, but not much of them left alive to hate me) Short story: I mass executed 15 nobles of the northern empire after a battle outside their...
  5. Patch 1.1.0. WHAT. WERE. YOU. THINKING. ABOUT?!

    Dear developers or community, I've just launched Patch 1.1.0 and.... I was astonished with how BAD it is. 1. What's wrong with the light? After entering the game I found out that my character looks like a black person even though I made him white. I tried to fix this through the Bright &...
  6. How to gain honour

    Is it possible to become more honourable? I have seen honour loss from executions but I haven't seen it yet from (for example) releasing lords. This may just be because that process is a lot slower though.
  7. Vasdema

    The Unforeseen Cost of Executing Nobles

    Picture if you will, the fledgling Empire of Calradia reborn. The story of Vasilio Rosso, bandit hunter, merchant prince, leader of men, and usurper of claimant to the Imperial Throne. I started by taking Mecalovea Castle from the Northern Empire when they were weak and down to three cities...
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