1. killyouready

    Need your suggestions!!All six of my made mountblade warband mod introduction、download and notes

    This is the introduction of all the mods I made, but all the attention is relatively little, I hope you pay attention and make suggestions The following operations can be seen in the website post, or there is a instruction folder in the mod file with instructions 1. Warcraft 3 vs red alert3...
  2. killyouready

    骑砍七龙珠z:贝吉塔(dragonball z:vegeta)mod demo alpha v0.464

    this is dragonball z mod for mount and blade warband. remember that it is still under alpha version and not up to beta. current version is alpha v0.464 you can download this alpha mod trial at https://www.moddb.com/mods/dbz or...
  3. killyouready

    B Fantasy Dragonball Z :Vegeta[Planning phase]

    Now i am still doing mountblade warband version dbz mod which started two year before and released a primary demo version several weeks ago,and sometime later i may do the bannerlord dbz version in future too. because the busy work these years so the warband dbz version's progress is too slow...
  4. dragonball Modding Community @M&B

    dragonball Modding Community @M&B

    Hey everyone,Mountblade Warband will become a open-world dragonball z game. Do you want to act as a super hero to fight in the air or sea even in universe.Do you want to transform into a super saiyan to fight various bosses in the dragonball z world.Do you want to collect seven dragonballs to...
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