1. crysty7776

    Resolved The game auto dezinstaled after i tried to open it after the last hotfix

    Hi everyone,i just found a weird issue on singleplayer bannerlord so now when i open sp in the menu the only options that i have is "Options" and "Credits". And at "Singleplayer">>"Mods" i have Native✅ and (Sandbox core❌,sandbox❌,custombattle❌,storymods❌),Those are not checked and i can't check✅...
  2. Need More Info Custom Battles and Campaign battles lag difference!

    When I do custom battles, with 280 + NPCs it runs extremely good (High graphics) but when I do campagin battles with like 30 - 50 NPCs it runs awfull! It is really weird since one would think that 50 npcs would run better than 280+ npcs but it does not which is really weird and irretating...
  3. Моды.

    Кто пробовал какие моды уже?что разработчики говорят о их внедрении?
  4. Bloc

    SP Native Advanced Custom Battle

    Alright folks, I would like to share something that I was working on for a week. You all probably saw the Custom Battle mod that is around everywhere. This is not so much different from that one. This version includes the following Important: This mod is discontinued now. It won't work with...
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