crash before game starts

  1. Dorfello

    Modded The game crashes at the last moment before loading the map. The second save with an identical list of mods works fine.

    (USED GOOGLE TRANSLATE) I am attaching a link to the report that ButterLib gives me: As you can see there, I installed Realm of Thrones, My Little Warband, Warfare, Horses and Diplomacy. All mods, except Realm of Thrones, were installed during the game - both...
  2. Need More Info Crash before start

    Greetings everyone. I have a bit problem with the game now.. I played it whole time till release without any problem but for last week, i cant turn the game on. After the first little menu, where u choose to play single or multi, as usual i click on singleplayer play, after that i get loading...
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