corrupted game file

  1. Need More Info Corrupted save file, transition from battle sim to capture dialogue

    Summary: Corrupted save files, auto save only, after large battle sim How to Reproduce: N/A Scene Name (if related): transition from battle sim table to speaking with enemy lord, dialogue to capture or release, game crashed while loading scene then corrupted files Media (Screenshots & Video): N/A
  2. Need More Info Bugs and crashes

    Summary: It's becoming really hard to actually play now, all my auto saves have corrupted (thank god I manual saved)and I cannot delete them so auto saves only function now is to pause the game every 10 minutes without actually saving . The game also now crashes regularly and I've noticed a lot...
  3. Need More Info Corrupted save

    Summary: save corrupted How to Reproduce: save the game, quit and then come back tomorrow the saved games are corrupted Scene Name (if related): save screen Media (Screenshots & Video):
  4. In Progress Corrupted game files PS5

    Summary:game files just suddenly started being corrupted today. How to Reproduce:idk Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video):
  5. Need More Info Save files corrupted PS4

    Summary: Every single play through I start after a several hours all files under that name corrupt. It usually happens during an NPC interaction at random, my game bluescreens when I re load the game all the saves corrupted. All aspects of the game run smooth and fine, there’s no obvious...
  6. In Progress Corrupted Save

    Summary: I went into a battle with 50 looters, my game crashed and now my save is corrupted. I've been playing on that save nearly every day since the game came out of early access and I do not want to start over. I love this game but I just want my save back. Please help. How to Reproduce...
  7. Resolved My game keeps crashing

    I tried to add some mods to my game, but I failed to do it. Now my game keeps crashing on the loading screen. I tried to uninstall the mods but it didn't have any effect on my problem. I verified the game files several times. I reinstalled the game 3 times. I need some screenshots to control...
  8. LaamW_

    Resolved Fatal error while loading save file from menu

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Start game, from menu either press continue campaign or Load save from saved games, game will crash with error on loading screen. I've tried 3 different saves. One was my save file and the other two were auto saves. After the game crashes the BannerlordLauncher stays...
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