1. Andrei[beast]

    Some little thoughts on TW slowness and a little comparation

    'Aight, so... I'll have to divide this into 2 parts from the beginning to avoid confusion. Also, mods, this will be a big comparison to other titles so if it's not permitted i can understand locking the thread. TLDR: The studio I'm talking about has no investors and are the developers and...
  2. Compare similar weapons of different type in inventory/trade screen

    Instead only having the equipped item compare window pop up when comparing items of the exact same type (e.g. one-hand sword to one-hand sword; two-hand axe to two-hand axe, etc), it should pop when a weapon of the same usage type is hovered over, e.g. one-hand sword to one-hand axe. Even in...
  3. 2 Suggestions, Character Maker save/load, UI Visibility Change

    Hey guys, Enjoying Bannerlord so far, I have 2 suggestions Can we get a save and load feature for the character editor? Also would It be possible to add some type of colorizing on comparisons? Here is an example: Thanks guys
  4. Need More Info Bug: Gear Color Comparison Missing.

    Summary / Reproduction: Very soon into a new campaign (it initially works correctly), the color coordination of comparing new gear to currently-equipped gear, breaks. Whenever I hover over new gear, it will show both my current gear and the new gear side-by-side and each of their respective...
  5. e1.0.4 Weapon comparison data currently not showing for a different weapon class

    When looking at a weapon of the class you are currently using you will see a comparison pop up, so you can neatly see the both weapon's stats. But if you are for example using a sword and you are hovering the mouse over an axe you have to separately hover your mouse back and forth for comparison...
  6. Need More Info Item comparison disappeared

    As in title item stat comparison disappeared. Restarting the game does not fix this.
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