1. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Do you like the giant 1-2k armies? Or the conga line of other armies? I don't but I kill em all anyways!

    I think it was better in warband where a larger fight was rarer and most of the action was party on party or a 2 v 1 and such. I don't like that in Bannerlord these extra large armies are the norm. I don't think 1k battles actually fit on the map. The map is too small for that many units to...
  2. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Siege Garrison infantry Opening the gate and rushing you when you retreat your party Should be Enhanced!

    Problem: When attacking in a siege if you press 0,f1,f7 and retreat your forces off the map, the infantry opens the gate and walks out in a conga line to 'get you'. If you're a good horse archer you can just kill them all, retreat and do it again and completely remove the infantry and have much...
  3. JDZ5

    2 major gamebreaking "strategies" for Siege

    There are currently two major game breaking cheeses for siege. I don't believe sieges should have these mechanics, and the fact they do is a bit concerning. The first is the enemy team breaks behind enemy lines, whether it be an open gate or some form of horse-glitch is beyond me. They break...
  4. abc123456

    AI Issue: Cheesing Spearman

    AI issue that lets you easily beat a spearman even at the highest difficulty possible allowed by the game. Just rush face-first into the spearman and spam attack but facing him/her all the time. The spear will thud. The AI combat difficulty of 100 is unlocked by this mod...
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