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  1. Need More Info Developer/Cheat console won't open

    Summary: I can't manage to open the developer/cheat console. The cheat mode is already activated (and works perfectly aside from the console). I tried every possible key combination that I could find, verified the game's files via Steam and even reinstalled the game multiple times, but still it...
  2. In Progress Bug report — Add attribute points to hero cheat command only works for main hero [1.2.8]

    Bug report — Add attribute points to hero cheat command only works for main hero [1.2.8] Example: campaign.add_attribute_points_to_hero Asha | 10 > Hero is not found campaign.add_attribute_points_to_hero Asha the She-Wolf | 10 > Hero is not found
  3. Webexplr

    Help with console command cheat to declare peace on PC

    This cheat below does not work. (I enabled the cheat by running config.cheat_mode 1) campaign.declare_peace Vlandia Battania while this cheat below give output: "kingdom should be faction kingdom": campaign.declare_peace Vlandia | Battania (notice the vertical pipe character) My game...
  4. Resolved Dev Console cannot open on my laptop

    Summary: Dev Console is not open once I press buttons [Alt + `] or [Alt + ~] or [Alt + º] or [CTRL + º] or [CTRL + `] or [CTRL + ~]. I have all key on my keyboard but is not working on my Laptop. I've tried reinstall many times or waiting for game update since 1.4.3 but it still not working on...
  5. chll

    Geforce now hile kullanmak

    Arkadaşlar Hileleri Geforce Now üzerinden kullanabilen varmı oyunu 100 saatte bitirdim bitirdim dediğim her yeri ele geçirdim artık hileleri kullanarak yeni bir oyuna başlamak istiyorum fakat dosyaları düzenleyemediğimiz için geforce now üzerinden kullanamıyorum hileleri... :(
  6. Genel

    Problem with the new Cheat Console and missing Command!

    If you activate Cheats via config you will be able to select all possible Items Ingame which causes enormous heavy loading Ingame - this can be avoided by just replacing that possibility by another Console Command - if someone needs access to all Items he can use that instead and turn it on/off...
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