1. Mthreen

    Resolved Weird characters icon and items icon (sometime they did not even load)

    Disclaimer the savefile it's from an old patch in particular e1.5.6 Another disclaimer I try it with a new save still the same bug. It used to be a loading-looking icon then after the hotfix (I'm not sure about that) then it becomes a weird-looking icon. Here it shows the characters icon and...
  2. Resolved Item pictures and NPC portraits glitch

    Items and portraits takes long time to load and then looks completely off. Textures covered in black or multicolored spotts. Portaits looks like NPC just crawled out of coal mine. In game models looks fine though. Tried to roll back graphic drivers, but it have no effect. Mods doesn't seem to...
  3. Resolved game freezing and incorrect display in inventory

    Summary:In patch 1.5.8 beta, there is a problem with the correct display of weapon icons and NPC portraits. Instead, I see a boot wheel (see screenshot). There is also a problem with very long loading times (3 minutes of waiting) before starting a new game. There is also a problem with the game...
  4. Resolved Messed up textures

    I just downloaded the latest update on Steam, I enter a city and locals look like weraing weird covid masks. Note: it affects all icons (also inventory/prisoners etc.)
  5. Resolved Some Item image mess up

    I dont know what's wrong with 1.5.8 beta but many times it have trouble loading the item images, it will just be a loading image, and took forever to show the actual item images and sometimes just have some funny images like this one and this one
  6. Resolved Scrolling wheels of misery

    Between starting the game and 30 minutes in, I get the scrolling wheels over the icons in my inventory and my troops. Has a fix been found? Is there a previous thread that I can be pointed to? Not game breaking but incredibly frustrating. Pic attached:
  7. Gadheras

    Resolved 1.5.8 After todays hotfix there is a serious case of black face going on

    Loading up the game after todays hotfix, and now most character portraits in the game either very black face, or quite the opposite looking like they been sprinkled with fairy dust or something. Items and troop list affected as well with graphic issues. No mods used that should affect graphic...
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