1. Backstory,Encylopedia entry editor

  2. five bucks

    Filling In the Gaps: a timeline of Calradia from 1000BE to 1257AE

    I decided to write down a timeline of major events in the M&B series' lore, for those few of us who are interested. In parts of the game's timeline with no events described, I've made some up based on real history, following the same formula Taleworlds does of remixing names and events from...
  3. Locksher

    WB Other Can I choose my character creation(backstory) menu?

    So, I've been playing multiple mods and I really like the RP aspect of it at the beginning(character creation), where you pick your background. I've also noticed some mods are missing the background feature and the character creation is oversimplified. Is it possible to use one mod's character...
  4. Writer Available - Looking to Contribute Dialogue, Storylines, Backstories

    Hello all! I've been a writer for ten years and have contributed some writings to indie games/mods. I have contributed dialogue lines, constructed storylines and back stories for characters to provide immersion and three-dimensional characters for gamers. I couldn't wait for the release of...
  5. Wanderers, Cities/Villages, Clans, Dialogue and Back Stories

    So, I wanted to combine some suggestions from a thread I posted in the Single-Player forum and from a comment I left on memopek's critique thread: From memopek's thread: Companions/ Wanderers So, there are currently no companions/wanderers for the Aserai, Khuzait, Vakken, Steppe Bandits, Sea...
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