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Wanderers, Cities/Villages, Clans, Dialogue and Back Stories

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So, I wanted to combine some suggestions from a thread I posted in the Single-Player forum and from a comment I left on memopek's critique thread:

From memopek's thread:

Companions/ Wanderers
So, there are currently no companions/wanderers for the Aserai, Khuzait, Vakken, Steppe Bandits, Sea Raiders, nord, Mountain Bandits, Looters, Forest/Desert Bandits or Darshi. Why is that? Especially if you are starting with the Aserai/ Khuzait culture, it helps with immersion when you're starting your clan and you find members of your people to join you. Idk, just seems wonky trying to take over Khuzait territory with Sturgian/Vlandian wanderers.

In addition, it would be pretty cool to change their names and their appearance since you can already give them focus points, etc. Plus, why is it that there is only two Empire, five Battanian and three Vlandian wanderers, depending upon the game? It would be great if you can (for the sake of argument) find a recruit from a village/city, you have them with you for a certain amount of time and you can have them join you as a wanderer. Even if they become available as a wanderer when they reach a certain rank would be awesome. Or if you capture bandits or looters and you keep them prisoner and you have them join your company, the same logic could apply. Going with the sandbox feel, they can come with their own backstory (generated or written by you), and they can become your vassals as well as govern, lead parties, etc.

If you boot them from your clan, they could start their own, become mercs, join other clans/factions/merc groups/religious groups/bandits.


Forgive me for not being too familiar with the coding/inner mechanisms, but what about the possibility of creating your own village/city and applying for a vassal status with an existing faction or creating your own faction with it? When it comes to placement, it could start with vanilla blueprints for cities/ villages (as a starting point). Again, not too sure but could be a cool idea. At the very least, the option to change the name of your city/village.
Also, appointing governors for villages and depositing garrisons at villages.
In addition, seems strange not to be immediately given a fief when you take the loyalty oath from a faction leader.
Not sure how possible or plausible this could be, but razing cities, pillaging without capturing the city. Options to rebuild the city if it has been razed.

Clans, Families and Dynasties

I'm particularly keen about this, especially with the possibilities for this system. It would be awesome to see an adoption system, like if you're an older character and you adopt a great general/great administrator/ widow/ orphaned children. In addition, a bastard system, like the possibility of your character producing a bastard with another person and then you can A) accept the child into the clan or B) reject them and they could take revenge, etc. Even plots against family members, family friends, other clans, clan leaders, promote other members to heads of their clans...

Occupations for family members: spymasters, hunters, guards, merchants, gang leaders, former courtesan, musician, acrobat, warrior, dancer, tavern owner, caravan leader...

Dialogue and Back Stories
The dialogue options that are currently available (e.g. asking a quick question) are pretty empty, but that provides ample space for improvement and creating memorable dialogue. Imagine getting some really cool dialogue options (similar to Warband with insults/duels/etc.) or even little quips, anecdotes, jokes, threats, ramblings and even improving on it, like if you come from a higher-ranking clan and a lower-ranking clan seeks to have a diplomatic marriage with you. Even options to flirt, court or marry nobles (why can't I court Rhagaea??) Even if you can recruit imprisoned nobles, bandit bosses.

In addition, the encyclopedia is a cool touch and the back stories for the rulers and factions are pretty cool, but it seems like more of the characters (wanderers, minor nobles, etc.) could definitely benefit with a little backstory. Sure, the wanderer tells you their story in the taverns, but why not have it in their encyclopedia entry? What if you can create a back story for them and include traits that affect them, same as when you create your own character's back story? Even the option to edit or create a back story for them, for your faction, etc.

Just a brainstorm, but for example:
Empire - Monotheism with different sects, with certain clans or groups that follow polytheism (old religious groups, bandits,etc.)
Battania - Polytheism inspired by Celtic, Norse paganism
Khuzait - Animism, inspired by Hunnic and Mongol beliefs
Vlandians - Monotheism with different sects, like the Empire.
Aserai - Monotheism with nomadic groups practicing polytheism (inspired by Semitic paganism)
Sturgians - Polytheism inspired by Norse paganism, some monotheistic elements
Can have other minor religions, religious wars
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A few of these are either coming or were cut:

Holy crap, what a list! Don't get me wrong, I understand that it's early access and it'll take a year or longer to get all their ducks in a row, but wow. Just wow. Thanks for sharing this, by the way.
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